Looking for St Louis Ranges


Oct 29, 2018
Glad to be back after a long time away but now that ive moved to the STL area ive been looking for ranges that support longer range shooting. Ive heard of the Benchrest Club but its quite a ways out from me. Unfortunately I live on the Illinois side (dont worry not East St Louis) and was wondering if there was anything over there. Also heard about some drama at the Benchrest Club so im not quite sure whats going on there.
Thanks for the help!


Apr 29, 2020
I'm not a member at any of them but here are a few I know about

There is one near Maryville can't remember the name I used to shoot skeet there as a kid membership required.

There's one right outside Scott air force base Caseyville gun club I think it's called

Highland IL pistol and rifle club. I have planed on joining here as it's close to me just haven't done it. It's also open to the public

Sparta IL mostly shotgun but has other ranges

Shooter's outside of Columbia IL indoor range it's a nice place I used to go to. Like the owners and how they run the place

Belleville indoor range never really like it. it's a cop shop and if your not a cop they treat you like you don't belong there.

Pocahontas IL indoor range not my favorite place but it's close by.

There's an indoor range in Alton in the basement of an old building Piasa I think it's called only been there once

Benchrest is a great facility only been there as a guest and to shoot rimfire comps so don't know about the drama but it's a great range with a great clubhouse

Asymmetric solution in Farmington MO never been but know a couple members but I think it's more training oriented and it's pricey