1. Novak77

    Accessories FS Sage M14ALCS/PMRI EBR Chassis

    All, Up for your consideration is a gently used Sage M14ALCS/PMRI EBR Chassis w/a Magpul PRS2 butt stock. Comes as pictured with a Heavy Barrel Op Rod Guide Block. The previous owner opened the chassis up a bit for their receiver. Please PM for additional pics, offers, etc. $925 TYD in the...
  2. Novak77

    Accessories JAE 100 Gen 1

    Hey all, I am in the process of converting my DMR type M1A / M14 builds to EBR's, so its time to let my JAE go. Comes as pictured (does not include the rifle) with some extra LOP spacers, cheek riser spacers and screws. $725 TYD in the lower 48. For any additional pics, questions, offers...
  3. H

    M14 USMC smear stock

    Bought a USMC McMillan smear stock for a M14. It has an orange and red sticker on the butt that says "USMC Shooting Team". Has butt plate, swivels, and several dings and dents so it has been around the block a few times. Paid $300 for it. Did I get taken or was it worth the asking price?
  4. T

    Reloading for the Match M-14

    Excellent 17 page article.. http://www.zediker.com/downloads/m14.html
  5. Anchor Zero Six

    AR-10 platform vs M14 mechanical comparison.

    Almost have myself talked into needing a 308 gas gun. I have done many searches and read up on both the AR-10 (Stoner) and M14 (M1A) platforms. Seems that there are varied opinions on the subject and many are given with no substantial technical reasoning. So my question is not which is...
  6. T

    50 cal bmg, M14, G3, Galil, AK-47, 100 Round Drum

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCrcdRzewDk here's more 50 cal shooting and other great assault rifles!
  7. C

    Gunsmithing M14 Extraction problem...Im lost

    Here it is, I have been working on a M14 for a while now. The setup I have is a Match M14 with a stainless barrel, Sage EBR stock (older one, top cover doesnt fit) a new front gas block, and a vortex flash hider. I have cleaned it extremely well, and everything appears to be normal. However, I...
  8. LSOSGT1109

    Department issued me an M-14!!

    My department received some M-14's from the military and just issued a few of them out. The one I got was made by H&R. They were orginially semi or full auto but were modified to be semi only before they got to us. We had to go qualify with them this week. Mine shot a 10 round group that...
  9. longeyes

    Rifle Scopes Optics suggestions for a m14 socom11

    Recently purchased a SA SOCOM 11. Looking for inexpensive optics ideas using the existing rail set-up, so the optic needs long eye relief. I'll be using the rifle for general plinking and quick response to 200 for coyotes harassing my live stock. Also, a PVS14 came with it and since most of the...
  10. Longrange****

    M14 Op-rod? Oversized handle?

    Anyone know of a company making an op-rod for the M14 that has a larger charging handle? I hate the stock one on my M14, I can only grip the damn thing with one pinky. Im aware that a larger heavier knob may interfere with the operation of the weapon, so Im assuming that someone if they make...