1. Switchblade


    Jenny is a girl who pretty much lived in the science building with many of us. She is very nice, always willing to help lower class members, and pretty much always looks good while doing it. She is now working on her dentistry school work in another local school, but she is also working her...
  2. S

    us model 40x 22lr

    What the going price on a rem 40x us model 22lr. I have a chance to buy one if i can come up with the cash. Its a nice rifle that has been beaded and has a rifle basix trigger that brakes around 14oz. is this common or was the beading done elsewhere? I hope i can come to an agreement with the...
  3. J

    Anyone familiar with the Savage Model 110FCP-K?

    Looking for a platform that'll get beyond 1000 yards for under $700. Will use 95% of the time at the range (not competition...yet), 5% of the time hunting elk in CO. The Savage Model 110FCP-K in 300 win mag has caught my eye... accutrigger, accustock, box magazine, fluted heavy barrel...
  4. J

    Marlin Model 60 vs Ruger 10/22?

    I know there may be some strong opinions regarding these two choices, so that's why I'm asking! Looking at the base models in either of these options...Under $200 for each. Want to hit 40oz cans (perhaps bottles) at 50-100 yards (e.g. good accuracy but not sub-moa) for cheap. Want to avoid...
  5. R

    Savage Model 12F Class 1in12 twist in a 29in barrel, what gr round?
  6. T

    Gunsmithing WSM bottom metal for a Winchester Model 70

    Does anyone make bottom metal with removable mag for a Winchester Model 70 300 WSM?
  7. MudBug

    where can I find model 70 bottom metal

    that doesn't cost more tham my rifle did. I have a Model 70 Ultimate shadow in 270 WSM that is my general hunting rifle. I finally bought a new stock for it not realizing that there is no bottom metal with the stock I have. So Now I have a new B&C medalist stock that needs the bottom metal (A...
  8. tireys

    Gunsmithing ??? about action screws ADL model rifle

    I won an auction on GunBroker for a set of (3) screws for a Remington Model 700 ADL. I sent payment and received only 2 screws. Only thing is I can't for certain verify that they even go to my gun because I haven't acquired the action yet. With that said an ADL model is just that right? I was...
  9. bobaguilar

    savage model 93 17hmr 10 rd mags

    Where and I buy 17hmr 10 round magazines for a savage model 93. Thanks Bobby
  10. sr15match

    Suppressors OPS INC 12th Model muzzle break

    Where can I buy an Ops Inc 12th Model Muzzle Break and collar for my wifes .308win SPS-Tactical. I'm looking for the same set-up as is supplied on the Remington USR. Besides calling Ops Inc is there any other place to buy?
  11. Suasponte

    Savage Model 10 BAS - K

    Anyone out there have one yet? Savage Model 10 BAS Have one at the local gun store and should be mine soon pending the funny mony account! Nightforce scope waiting in the safe! Any feed back or experiances with it would be appreciated. Terry
  12. jephs422

    marlin model 60 accurizing.

    because I've had this rifle for what seems like a million years, I'd like to keep shooting it. I searched and came up with zero tips for accurizing this rifle. Anyone have one and get it to shoot decent? How'd you do it?
  13. C

    Gunsmithing Winchester model 1400 HELP!!!!

    I got a model 1400 winchester from my dad today when he gave it to me he said it would not reload. I know from other threads this was the worst auto ever made, but i am sure someone has a fix. any help would be greatly appreciated...
  14. Mag 300

    help with winch 52 sn#30103 what model???

    just picked up a very nice winch mdl 52 sn#30103 wondering how I can tell the model designation like A B C D?? Thanks Bill
  15. S

    Please identify Parker Hale Model

    My highest praise for all service personnel past and present on this Memorial weekend - Thank You. Any Parker Hale experts out there? I cannot find any information on the web about model numbers for Parker Hales. There was a similar one on gun broker that was supposedly a model 82, but...
  16. Down Under Hunter

    WTB- Looking for Swaro 15 x 56 Slc Binos old model

    Can soemone help me out here and tell me why I cant post this listing in the optics for sale section ? It says I am unauthorised ? Can someone suggest where I might pick a set of these up. I am looking for excellent cond used or new. Fair price paid. Thanks all. DUH
  17. chadg

    which model?

    Back when i was about 13 my granddad gave me a older remington in 243.What im trying to remember is what was the model number.if i remember correctly i think the locking lugs were on the rear of the bolt.I do remember the lugs were evenly spaced around the bolt 3 in each set,maybe they were on...
  18. C

    Gunsmithing savage fvss model 12

    hey folk,anyone give me best way to go, about putting a big tactical bolt, on my model 12 fvss,,,thanks!!
  19. E

    Model 700 Target Tactical with Bell and Carson

    Ok i want this Bell and Carson stock and found out that this New model comes factory with it though it also comes with factory VTR (triangular) barrel Do you think the barrel can be changed with a rounded barrel? Or is this stock specially made for the vtr barrel? Can anyone shed any light...
  20. BigPig069

    Model 70 300Ultra Mag

    The wife heard me talking to a buddy about wanting a 300 ultra mag so she took it upon herself to go out and by me one, Not the one I was going to purchase (Model 70 Black Shadow), Now my question is should I try to build off this or should I try to pick up a Sendero like I was intending to do...