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Feb 26, 2019
The South.
That's how I like my Buffalo Trace. D,jou get the STI?
Me too! Don’t know what firearm would be next. Probably if I play hard a bolt and dang more $ glass & RSR A2 of sorts, not sure what caliber I’d choose. The double stack STI is nice though. Be quite awhile before even possible. I’ve got lots to get down with my present stick anyway time-wise. 🤙
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Mar 26, 2019
Unless my worth equals what I want to pay, I won't buy.
That is YOUR worth....and that is the thing.

Say for example your "thing" is old snake guns for the sake of argument. You will gladly pay $3000 for that perfect example in a perfect box with all the paperwork, that example that is the most hard to find (whatever that is I am not a snake gun guy) and walk away thinking you got yourself one hell of a good deal. You could also not care one single lick about old military rifles, and think that if someone pays $3000 for a Lee Navy that has a SN# matching it to the Maine, well that is just flat stupid to pay that kind of money for something that you could not even is just a wall hanger.

I am not sure what colt snake guns go for but do know what the last example of a lee navy that was tied to the Maine went for.

You can't say well I will buy it and resell it and laugh all the way to the bank, that does not work. You are selling it to a person that puts more....whatever...into a given item.

For the record I could care less for Lego's, just not my thing, but I have been known to spend well over $1000 for a toy airplane that I fly around with radio waves. Some see that as a stupid expensive toy, and you know what it is....I also have a 1967 Triumph GT6 that is a bit bigger toy, and even it got me to work today a Honda Africa Twin that is a toy halfway between the two.

They are all toys, and they are all worth something to some, and worthless to others....some can see them as toys others can't....they will defend them as "classic cars" or "model aircraft"....ok but they are still toys at the end of the day.

How is that for a good ramble.
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