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Jan 11, 2006
I think the issue for more than a few is that Frank said multiple times to slow it the heck down. And no one did. He is paying to host a ton of nudes vs shooting content.
a few here and there were no issue.
its the full page of nothing but hoes that some guys didnt like.

And yea, its porn. Might not be a video, but its porn as defined by the dickshunary.

nothing more to add.
Memes please......

Eventually, someone will be offended by the huge amount of memes posted. I mean, you can find memes anywhere. Go laugh somewhere else.

Carlos Danger

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Jan 29, 2019
Every so often this happens on this thread. Someone posts “to many” pics of hot women (like there is really such a thing as that), and a few people get all pissy about it. Yes, I get the watermark thing, but that’s not where I’m going. There are literally thousands of gun threads on the hide. You can find anything you want to know about shooting and long range, reloading, Optics, etc, here. If there is one, and just one thread out of hundreds, that has pics of lovely women on here, why do guys complain? Why do you even care? Every time this complaint starts going, there are repeated posts about “go fap” somewhere else, or go to pornhub or whatever. Go jerk off somewhere else. Is this all y’all can come up with, that if you see a few pics of hot ladies that you have to go jerk off? Nothing is farther from the truth. The stuff on here isnt porn by a long shot, and I don’t need to jerk off. I just enjoy jumping on here for a few minutes and seeing some funny stuff, getting some chuckles, and seeing a few hot women. It sure brightens my day a whole shit ton more than reading your complaints about “fapping” and the bs politics going on in our country which is NOT motivational at all. That is all, carry on.
Threads like this bring more DIVERSITY to our fine site. Some even a little touch of culture. Isn't diversity supposed to be the new mandated goal?
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