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Jan 11, 2006
This right here is the no bullshit truth. I remember the wailing and crying over the lack of Blue Bell. We damn near died from the lack of it, and there was raising of hands and praises when it started creeping back in to stores. The wandering in the desert was over, God had shown his love once more. Was it still contaminated? No one asked the question because no one gave a shit and the Schwann's ice cream sucked hind tit. Everyone ate the manna and was glad to have it, fresh cobbler was once again whole and potbelly spouses had something eat in the middle of the night. Fuck germs.

If we took the same outlook toward the virus we would be in a better world right now.

Ice cream could cease to exist and it would be years before I noticed. I was the kid that wanted extra cake rather than ice cream.

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Mar 29, 2010


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Feb 11, 2018
You know, I bet there is more truth to this than there is fiction. Think about it: its how we all dealt with girls at 11 and 12. Maturity issues.

I went back to my college recently and no male there would look me in the eye, they all looked down or away and stepped to the side to get out of my way. They should have enough testosterone flowing to at least want to act like they are something. How in the hell would a woman find that kind of default submissive attitude attractive or acceptable for anything?


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  • Nov 25, 2012
    Southern NM
    This reminds me of a hunting trip.
    I have a cousin up in the TX panhandle. I was stationed farther south. It was around November and I decided I'd go visit and maybe be able to shoot some birds or a some coyotes. On the way up, I camped in Palo Duro Canyon.... I was very alone!!! It snowed. I was over run by a huge gang of turkeys and I slept like a rock in my Trango 3.1 on a ThermaRest Cot and pad and a surplus Wiggy's bag.
    Not long after daylight, coffee yet to perc, I could hear what I thought were helos. Then these 2 Ospreys came in. The crew waved at me and I waved back. I could feel prop wash. I had never, and never since, been so close. Cool 'AF.
    When I worked on the UU Bar in Cimarron we would be up by Aqua Fria Park working cattle and the F-111's from Canon AFB would fly over us at tree top level. You couldn't hear them until they were right on top of you. You could feel the heat from the engines and was loud as hell as they passed over. Cattle you were working scattered in every direction and took hours to gather them back up.

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  • I would like it a whole lot better if our commie scum sucking governor gave it up and let the folks from Tenn run our state. Maybe we could run off some of the mob from Chapel Hill and Durham and get some decent folk in there. Rant off, back to titties......

    Wait wait wait wait... Before we go back to titties, lets have some zombies first...

    Oh wait, it's just Seattle... *Puts chainsaw bayonet Remington 870 back under bed. Making sad noises*

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