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  • Dec 2, 2011
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  • Apr 8, 2021
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    I would disagree, given the number of "Likes" I get for each award pic.

    Still, I'll leave it up to the members on here. React to this post with a "Like" (y) if you want me to continue, or a "HaHa" :ROFLMAO: if you do not. Majority rules. I will make the decision just before the next scheduled award posting.

    The hide has spoken.

    It was close, but by a majority of 2 "haha's" vs "likes," the GAOW award ends, as of today.

    And, TBH, I'm OK with that, as it was getting a little tiring for me as well... having to do all the work involved in it (and there was a lot)... keeping track of all the entries, picking the the winners and HMs every week, and staying up until 12:01 am each Wed. to publish them.

    Still, I remain undeterred, and will continue to recognize superior "derriere" content on the hide, even without an "award." And that's all I ever really wanted to do... recognize the content. I'm sick and tired of all this emphasis on "boobs," as seems the case here in North America and Europe. I must have some "South America" in me, somewhere, because the emphasis down there (Brazil & Argentina etc.) is the derriere.

    Instead, I will use "reactions."

    A "like" (y) = Honorable Mention.
    A "Wow" = "on the platform" (Silver or bronze)
    A "Love" :love:= GAOW for that week. And I will endeavor to react to only one of these, per week.

    Of course, I will still react to other things and pics, but not in the above context. If it's a "posterior pic," and I react to it, it is the GAOW context.

    I appreciate all who contributed and enjoyed my recognitions. Please keep the pics coming.
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