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You ruined America, we were too apathetic the fix your damage. That's how we got to today. I accept my part but you will never take credit for yours. Make sure you hold on to that house you bought for 100k that's worth a million now, just to keep it out of the market while you bitch about young people not owning property.
I assume you're a giant twat in real life too. Probably super fun at parties. Just fucking die already. You are irrelevant.
Have you ever considered a Dale Carnegie course on How to make friends and influence people?

You expect us to sell our home to you at a bargain rate and then give it all to Medicaid to pay for our nursing home care?

Given the options, I think you can continue to bitch, moan while we, who have worked all our lives, myself, earned three different retirements, ate at home, drove used cars and saved like a sonofabitch……we will continue to enjoy our little cottage by the lake. (That we sacrificed our ass for to pay for) Not giving it to you, so SUFFER!
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The iconic Maxell cassette tapes “blown away guy” (1983)​

After 500 plays, our high fidelity tape still delivers high fidelity.

Maxell tapes - Blown away guy in chair - 1983
Thanks for this post. I would have lost good money betting on the JBL ad. I had that posted on my barrack's wall in Okinawa in the 70s. Guess I was focused on the JBL 100s instead of what the ad was selling. Fifty year old memories grow kinda fuzzy.
I had bought a Kenwood after the system I had pioneer or alpine not sure was stolen. The Kenwood unit had a folding face that hid the dials. That went into 4or5 different cars late 90's to 03 or 04. I use to purchase gen 3 trans ams and camaros as well as foxbodies to make autocross cars.
Stereo speakers and sub box would go in and out constantly.