Feb 3, 2021
United States of America
For sale:
one used Pulsar Axion XQ38 thermal imaging scope &
one used extra APS5 battery pack (2 batteries in total)

It is in brand new condition with NO flaws. There are no scratches or scuffs anywhere on it and there are no pixels that are bad. It will be shipped in the factory packaging just as I received it and will include everything that it came with.

A few highlights: Resolution: 384x288, Pixel Pitch: 17uM, NETD: >40mK, Frame Rate: 50Hz, F.O.V. @ 100m: 17.2m (about the highest field of view you can find), Display Res: 1024x768, Magnification: 3.5x-14x.

I bought this brand new at the end of September (about 7 weeks ago) and paid $2579. I need to sell it for personal reasons but I wish I could keep it. My unfortunate luck could be your opportunity. No trades. Free shipping in the continental 48.

Think of it like 15% off a new one.
Asking $2200.

Manufacture listing:

PXL_20211119_154212549.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211122_133259941 (1).jpgPXL_20211119_153241241.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_153621605.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_153648311.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_153648311.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_153714533.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_153816552.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_154105756.PORTRAIT.jpgPXL_20211119_154220905.PORTRAIT.jpgCattle_650yrds_93deg_Redhot.jpgDeer Tower_FOV.jpg