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Feb 29, 2012
I'm having trouble having my eyepiece fog on on my PVS-14 if I use it for more than like 10 minutes. what can be done to prevent this?
I haven't tried it yet but I've seen a product called Fogtech recommended. You can buy it from Amazon and probably dive shops. I have a bottle of RainX anti-fog for use on INSIDE vehicle glass, I tried it but it didn't help much.
Correct me if I'm wrong but to my understanding,the army manual says not to put anti-fog on the night vision lenses.
Yea the eyecup sucks. When it's very cold I have the same problem. I think I need to wear a snorkel when it gets cold so I don't blow my musty breath on it because I know that's what causes it.
Ditch the eyecup: Pros: no more fogging. Cons: visible green light in eye socket.

There's this device that TNVC sells, I forget who makes it (Wilcox I think) but it's under either accessories or PVS-14 parts or both. It's an amber filter. It has a thick rubber ring and an amber filter and no eyecup. The amber filter significantly reduces the visible light around your eye socket, while only changing the color of the image a little (yellowish). Doesn't fog up, and you can keep it close to your eye (generally how you want it). Kinda costly, but nice. It's all I use. I also use their replaceable sacrificial lenses along with a Butler Creek flip up I modded for use as a pinhole filter.

I found that even with demist shields in the army, I still got fog with or without the eyecup. Especially when running around and getting overheated on cool nights.

Also be careful cleaning lenses and such. The coating can come off easy if you don't clean 'em right. It can be a pain sometimes. No alcohol this, no water that.
Strykervet is talking about the Wilcox Amber Filter - in stock at MODArmory. $59.10. The amber filter does keep the green glow off your face. It isn't perfect because it is injected molded plastic and distorts the image slightly.

Be careful cleaning your lenses because usually that is how people scratch them!
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