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  1. N

    Night Vision L3 Unfilmed WP pvs14 2599fom, aimpoint t2 with unity mount, Steiner mini tor, comms, and rangefinder

    Selling some of my night vision gear and other goodies, all prices are obo 1) L3 gen 3 Unfilmed WP pvs14 <150 hours 2633 photocathode response 36.1 SNR 72 lp/mm 1.9 ebi .7 halo SALE ON HOLD UNTIL I GET NEW HOUSING (cracked illuminator lens) 2) team Wendy exfil bump m/l $SOLD 3) Wilcox l4 g24...
  2. USMC-03XX

    Budget friendly night vision

    Right out the gate I know I’m looking at like $2800+ With the build kits for the pvs-14 and gen 3 intensifier tube… I’m ok with gen 2…. And maybe like 1200$? Is that possible ??? I’m totally new to building and buying my own night vision, I was spoiled rotten when I was operating and after...
  3. All~American

    PVS14+FLIR Breach Bridge

    I’m looking to start pulling the trigger on some NVG and thermal but, like most everyone else, I don’t have unlimited money for quad-nods. I’ve heard a lot of good things about bridging gen3 PVS14s with the FLIR Breach PTQ136 and how they actually can make a great sight picture together for less...
  4. S

    SOLD WTS: Elbit PVS-14 XLSH WP (SOLD), Team Wendy LTP Bump Helmet

    Cross posting this from my arfcom and reddit GAFS account under the same name. I accept PayPal F&F or G&S + Fees. I also accept Venmo and Zelle. Elbit PVS-14 WP XLSH - $2,725 Shipped + G&S Fees Purchased brand new from Steele Industries in January 2022. Used for some light stargazing, less...
  5. PRCHunter

    Night Vision WTS FP PEQ15 and L3 WP PVS14

    Gents, for sale: L3/Insight Peq15 FP FDE with one of the cleanest peq15 illuminators I’ve seen. 2010 DOM safe Queen. Under 1000 rds fired with it on a rifle. Comes with factory pressure pad, modlite mod button pressure pad, and 2x diffuser pattern kits. $2000 shipped L3 WP PVS14. No spec...
  6. Zulu317

    Night Vision PVS-14 Magnetic Compass 55$Shipped

    PVS-14 magnetic compass 55$ shipped Special note that I have ran out of ones that were “new” condition in bubble wrap. I have 6 more that look fair to great condition. Any problems and I would be willing to do a return. Description This quick on/off Compass attaches to the PVS-14 Objective...
  7. Ak7

    WTB Looking for PVS-14 ***FOUND***

    I’m looking to pick up a PVS14, if you have one your looking to part with shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  8. MR. MRAD

    Night Vision USNV White Phosphor PVS-14 CLEAN FS

    Selling my personal USNV PVS14 White Phosphor Elbit thin-filmed unit with less than 50hours on it. This tube is super clean, FOM is 2239 and test date of tube is 8/11/2020. Any questions feel free to ask. Has butler creek from flip up cap and a Nocorium multicam vinyl wrap on it. $3300...
  9. U

    Dual helmet mount for PVS14 + FLIR Breach PTQ136

    Hey all, I am currently looking for a good mount which would allow me to quickly "flip" from my PVS14 to a FLIR Breach. I've heard some people are able to even use both at the same time in a sort of "fusion". But most people haven't had success with that. In either case, what I want to...
  10. U

    Can't determine which DBAL and/if Illuminator I need

    Hi everyone, came across this site a couple weeks ago. Have read a number of threads on here, some of which were around my topic. If this post needs to be moved or attached onto another thread, just let me know. Ok, I just want to state up front... I'm "keyboard" knowledgeable on all of this...
  11. Cjwise5

    Night Vision PVS14 Weapon Mount

    I have this XYZ brand (sorry can't remember the brand.) Aluminum PVS14 weapon mount. Mount your PVS14 in line with your red dot optic. $85.00 shipped.
  12. skyewalker

    Optics White phosphor package

    Selling a ready to go set up: Adams industries PVs14 VYPER housing, Photonis Echo WP tube with no blems. Super low hours, I’m the original owner. Ops core bump L/XL Full power Dbal I2 (yes, you read that right) Inforce white/IR Helstar strobe The full monty, 4250$ shipped. Not splitting up. The...
  13. KOOutdoors

    Night Vision PVS-14 eyepiece fogging

    I'm having trouble having my eyepiece fog on on my PVS-14 if I use it for more than like 10 minutes. what can be done to prevent this?
  14. Lowlight

    Night Vision Mod Armory Dual PVS 14 Mounting System (video)

    Here is the video that goes in-depth with the Mod Armory Dual PVS 14 Mounting System. I was lucky enough to take a ride down south to Colorado Springs and visit the Mod Armory shop in order to get hands on with the PVS 14RC and the Dual Mounting system. Here is the video I shot while there...
  15. MODArmory – Nicole

    Night Vision Colorado Freedom Shoot - June 29th & 30th

    MODArmory Night Vision Demo & Competition - 1st place winner receives $1,000 off a PVS-14 Handgun Competition Carbine Competition Rifle Competition Biden Challenge Team Challenge Details and for reservations: Gear, Equipment, Defensive, Tactical Training, Classes, Law Enforcement...
  16. F

    Rifle Scopes What can you do with a PVS-14?

    The tactical problem here on the farm is about a squillion feral hogs tearing up our crops, mostly at night. We might be able to swing a PVS-14, which is less than $4,000 from reputable shops, since the hogs are doing more than $4,000 of damage. I have an M4gery (Colt 6920) and a DPMS LR-308...