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  1. phidelt208

    SOLD WTS 6mm ARC compass Lake barrel. SOLD

    Brand new unmounted 20" Compass Lake barrel chambered in 6mm ARC .750 gas block 5/8-24 threads Rifle-length gas port Brand new zero wait time 20" in length
  2. D

    New rifle won’t group at all

    Picked up a Ruger American Predator in 6 creed for a cheap coyote gun. Brought it to the range today and it was all over the place. I got it as close as I could at 50 yards and at 100 the spread was terrible. Almost a foot in every direction. The scope and rings are torqued to spec and leveled...
  3. Edub33

    6mm Creedmoor AR Recommendations

    Hey folks I’m looking for some recommendations for a 6mm creedmoor for predator hunting. Have it narrowed down to a Seekins SP10 or POF Prescott but open to anything else I may be missing. Can’t find a lot of reviews yet on the Prescott, but don’t hate the 10lb difference. Will eventually put...
  4. JohnJameson

    NC Coyote Hunt near Bragg/Fay:

    Good evening, I'm (still) looking to start hunting coyote (day/night). Does anyone know of any private land or farmers that want coyote removed? If not, does anyone know where to find private land for lease at a reasonable price? Thanks!
  5. T

    SOLD WTS: Foxpro Fusion Predator Call

    Foxpro Fusion Predator game caller comes with FoxJack 4 motion motor, 8NiMH batteries and charger, remote. $325 🚢
  6. T

    Hunting & Fishing Good time on Texas...Bobcat, yotes, and hogs...all in one night.

    Had a good time in Texas. One night one property and I was busy. Yotes, Bobcat, and hogs all in the highlight reel. Love my 6creed from Maryland to Texas it gets the job done! I am loving this Hornady 103gr ELDX, pulsar, and foxpro xwave.
  7. flatlandsurvival

    Night Vision Pulsar Trail LRF XQ50

    For consideration is my Pulsar thermal optic. Absolutely no issues. Only problem is I never have the chance to get out to utilize it. Someone else just as well have at it. Comes with everything as if it were new. Overall condition, near new. Any questions, please ask. Asking $3500/includes...
  8. JohnJameson

    NC Hunting - Hog and Coyote

    Looking to start hunting hog and coyote. Does anyone know of land that is free or recommended to hunt on for hog and coyote? Anyone have other recommendation for a novice?
  9. O

    Accessories B5 Coyote Stock

    Like new B5 coyote stock with ranger band. 45 paypal shipped.

    SOLD SPF - HSGI Padded Sure Grip Battle Belt - Coyote Tan - Medium - $50

    Sold pending funds Selling one size medium HSGI Sure Grip Padded Battle Belt in coyote tan. Ive owned it for about a year and used it for 2 classes. No tears, rips, or major signs of use... it is in great shape. This is just for the outer padded belt so you will have to supply your own inner...
  11. Kwfranklin88

    Hunting & Fishing Coyote Hunting Gear

    I’m really getting into coyote hunting this year. I bought a cheap call a couple of years ago. I definitely need to upgrade my gear. What optic do you recommend for 16” 223? What call do you recommend that is $250 or less? Any other necessities you think I should consider? I can only hunt...
  12. C

    Hunting & Fishing Long Range coyote hunting washington

    Hi, I'm looking for some public lands to shoot some long range coyotes. I'm new to the Wa hunting community. Any help is great. I'm located in western washington near snoqualmie but there isn't much here.
  13. D

    20-250 load data

    Just looking to see what grain bullets and what powders some people are using for this rifle.
  14. KOOutdoors

    Night Vision PVS-14 eyepiece fogging

    I'm having trouble having my eyepiece fog on on my PVS-14 if I use it for more than like 10 minutes. what can be done to prevent this?
  15. KOOutdoors

    Need helping picking out a gun

    I need a semi-auto rimfire. That I can attach an IR laser too. This will be used for night time coyote hunting. The more powerful and larger magazine size the better.
  16. M

    Hunting & Fishing Predator hunting show reel, amazing!

    Came across this earlier and was very intrigued. Great filming and yote management. Predator Hunting Show Reel 2013
  17. G

    PGW Coyote

    Do any of the board members have any experience with the PGW Coyote 308 rifle. It looks great and the advertising blurb promises 0.5moa, any opinions?
  18. 762frmafr


    THIS ONE WAS TAKEN @ 175 YARDS WITH A .17 HMR. [/img] [/img]
  19. D

    Bullets for Coyote blasting

    My friend has a "pest" problem. I need to load to take care of it for him. I'm thinking of using my 16" AR (but it doesn't have a scope yet) so I'd like some .308 loads as well (because I already have a decent scope for that). My AR has a 1 in 7 barrel. He claims 300 yards and under is the...
  20. oldgrayone

    Maggie’s Small Coyote Problem

    Got this in a email today. Coyote Population The Alberta Government and the Alberta Forest Service were presenting an alternative to Alberta ranchers for controlling the coyote population. It seems that after years of the ranchers using the tried and true methods of shooting and/or trapping...