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Savage Model 12F Class

Re: Savage Model 12F Class

There's a little 'ol man that has one that comes up to the local range quite often. Pretty rifle, and you don't get the scale of the rifle until you see it in person, it's a very long weapon. What cracks me up is when I was talking to him about it he said he used his social security check to pay for it. I said that it was money well spent.

The groups I saw from that rifle were good, easily in the 1/2moa range.

Re: Savage Model 12F Class

Both the 6.5-284 and the 6mmBR are 8 twist barrels.
the 6.5, will shoot 120's all the way up to 142gr Matchkings.

As for the 6mmBR anything for 95gr VLD's to 107gr MatchKings.

Ive got the 6.5-284. It shot really well for a factory gun, but the barrel doesnt last too long. In retrospect the 6mmBr would be a better choice.