1. S

    Training Courses 600 Yard and More Arkansas $150

    The 600 Yard and More course will give you the opportunity in becoming a precision marksman. This 12-hour (8am-8pm) course will provide you the fundamentals of long-distance precision shots. Each person will be in a two-person group, so for the equipment needs each group will need only one...
  2. HStarr22

    Training Courses Tactical Precision Arms. Garden Plain, KS

    This last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Jamison Yoder of TPArms. I took a two day class with four other gentlemen and learned more there then I could have ever imagined! I'd read plenty on forums and had developed a basic understanding of the long range game, but for me...
  3. I

    new scssa [bham, al] match-500yd mod. f class 9/19

    Starting 9/19/09 we will be running a 2 x 500 yd modified f class match at scssa in birmingham, alabama [modified as [1] we do not have a pit, [2] shooters will take the 2 sighter shots on 10" steel plates and [3] we shoot all rounds per run & then score all shots]. i am working on getting wind...
  4. gorhamlit

    Photos first time at 500-2nd day of class

    I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to accomplish this on my own- Sniper's Hide Online Training, Creekside Sniper/Precision Rifle Course- Two Thumbs up!
  5. A

    F Class Worlds results Individuals started today, end Tues. Team matches start Thurs.
  6. R

    Savage Model 12F Class 1in12 twist in a 29in barrel, what gr round?
  7. 737shark

    Suppressors CLASS THREE DEALER in North Dakota???

    Any Help please. I need one for a transfer David
  8. tlfw

    Gunsmithing Robert Gradous's Tactical Rifle Gunsmithing Class

    I thought you guys might be interested in hearing about my experience taking a tactical rifle gunsmithing class with Robert Gradous. <span style="font-weight: bold">Robert Gradous Rifles Gunsmithing Class </span> Tactical Rifle build parts list: <ul style="list-style-type: disc"> Surgeon...
  9. M

    Long Range Class - Guernsey, WY - Sept30-Oct2

    Precision Rifle Workshop - Extreme Long Range Rifle Sept 30th-Oct2nd, 2009- Guernsey, WY "Bring that .50 BMG, that 300 Win, the .338, or even that tuned 7mm Mag. and shoot out to 1500 yards. Learn about wind calls, long range ballistics and...
  10. Tacstick

    Glass class in CT

    Tacsticks Group is holding a one day Barrier Penetration class through glass, for police snipers. The date is August 14th 09 and will be held in central CT. Contact the web site for registration and detail. Ray
  11. W

    Range Report 7mm Rem SAUM F Class Open

    Hi all i have been playing around with my new Lawton rifle i have chjambered an old 28" australian made 7mm 9 twist barrel to 7mm Rem SAUM the results i have got realy suprised me they do not come clost to what i have expected the load is as follows The chamber reamer has the factory case specs...
  12. coulthard_west

    July 4th f class match in la

    Any shooters in Louisiana interested in shooting a fclass match with us on our freedom day. One out and play. Here's the web site. pm me with any questions
  13. 9

    McM A-5 for F(tr) Class?

    Will a McMillan A-5 with thumbwheel cheek and spacer system be OK for F(tr) Class matches? Or will the butt hook and spacer system not work well with a rear bag?
  14. Proteus_X3

    600 yard Midranged "F" class on 7/12/09 in NJ

    <span style="font-weight: bold"> <span style="font-style: italic"> <span style="color: #3366FF"> <span style="font-size: 14pt">I had a great time at the last match,met a few new members from the hide.Mark Cohen runs his matches like clockwork,started at 9:00 everyone fired 3 relays,done by...
  15. X

    Nice Shooting!! NY F Class this weekend

    Got whupped like a rented mule by Panzer 075 today at the Albany Palma match. He was seriously into the tiny F Class target at 1000 yds. One string I think was 96 with several x---didn't get the totals, but his 308 w/bipod was kicken ass. My first time shooting at that devil's invention of a...
  16. J.Boyette

    Combat Focused Pistol Class in NC

    Where: Caswell County NC When: 11-12 July 09 Cost: $175 per student with a minimum count of five, and a maximum count of twelve Class Information: The I.M.T. LLC Combat Focused Pistol Class in a fundamental foundation of pistol instruction. This course will enhance any level of shooter that...
  17. bsp212

    Suppressors F'd up class 3 transfer...what would you do?

    Normal chain of events for Louisiana transfer. 1) Purchase item (suppressor). 2) Send LASP transfer (dealer to dealer) paperwork in for approval 3) Upon return of LASP paperwork, send NFA papers in for approval. 4) Item arrives at SOT in Louisiana. 5) Send LASP transfer (dealer to owner)...
  18. Proteus_X3

    600 yard Midranged "F" class on 6/14/09 in NJ

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Match Date: 06/14/09 time 09:00am Location: Cumberland Rifleman Millville ,NJ Gates open around 7:30 am,squadding starts at 8:00-08:45am Match: is NRA Approved 600agg (F-O)/(F-T/R)Rules 22.3/3a apply</span> <span style="text-decoration: underline">Coarse of...
  19. R

    Tac Pro shooting challenge class

    For the first time Tac Pro Shooting Center will be hosting an accuracy International Armorers Course. The class will be held June 23-25th. This will be a one day class. The class will be limited to six students per class. This will be a great opportunity for owners of AI rifles. If...
  20. Proteus_X3

    Reade Range Long Range Prone and F Class 5/21/09

    O.K. who's going?