Starting JR in NLR22 need help

Rick Bland

Mar 29, 2022
Ok I found a good deal about 1hr away today for a 457 pro varmint.. it’s in the wheelhouse of what I’m looking for so it’s already the platform to work from.. already got a vortex venom scope 419 base 30mil couple 10rnd mags coming.. (I did look at the athlon helos scope for $100 more but the venom just speaks to me right now.. hard as it is to believe the smaller field of vision at extended ranges I think is a plus if she decides to go more benchresst shooting vs positional shooting.. if not the 24x is way too much and the fov is good enough for target acquisition at closer ranges.. I did prefer the parlax on the Argo’s though going down to 15y vs I think 25y.. but ultimately I chose the warernty and customer service I know and trust.

Eventually I’ll change out to a chassis so her little brothers can get proper lop.. but for now looking at keeping it in the stock is came in and just adding a cheek riser.. my daughter said it was very similar in weight and feel to her rotc rifle.. that said what is a good height for rings to mount a 56mm optic with proper clearances on this rifle? I see a lot of people running 1.9” rings with 1/8” clearances but 1.9” seems really high to me. I know I’m looking for medium rings but not all mediums are same height.. some come in almost as a low and others almost a high.. currently looking at some seekins that are matched pair for $130-140ish don’t want to destroy this buy throwing some cheap rings on that are not matched.. anyone with any experience in proper ring type from a reputable company put onto a platform like this it similar I’d love your feedback in terms of what has worked for you.. tbh if they are under $100 or not from a well known brand I’m not interested.. I’ve been shooting long enough to know a quality optics base can make or break a rifle in accuracy (hence why I’m looking towards matched pairs)