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Training Courses Tactical Precision Arms. Garden Plain, KS


Full Member
Apr 28, 2014
Forgan, Oklahoma
This last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Jamison Yoder of TPArms. I took a two day class with four other gentlemen and learned more there then I could have ever imagined! I'd read plenty on forums and had developed a basic understanding of the long range game, but for me, this really sealed the deal. The first day was spent in the classroom. We covered everything in both MOA and MIL and talked about everything from spin drift to the Coriolis effect. Jamison was extremely thorough and answered any questions no big or small. We chronographed our loads and he took information on our rifles to make range cards for us the next day. Mr. Yoder has background as an X sniper, so let me tell you... He knows what he's talking about! He also enjoys building projects for disabled veterans. He's an all around outstanding individual... An extremely nice and friendly guy! The second day was spent at the range. We woke up the next more to wind and rain but come hell or high water, we were going to do what we set out to accomplish. At the range we confirmed our zeros and he gave us range cards he made for us the night before. We started at 200 and worked our way out to 400 confirming our DOPE. We had intentions of making it out to 700 but ran out of time. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn a little more about the long range game. Jamison also offers private lessons and gunsmithing services. I shot his 300WM he built and gaaahhh.... It shot like a dream!!!!! One holer and you would have swore you were shooting a 22. thanks to the kick ass muzzle break he built for it. He also had a 6BR he had built that shot. 116" groups... Jaw dropping!!!! I plan on having TPArms build a rifle for me in the near future and can't wait for further business with them! I was throughly impressed and would recommend TPArms to anyone and everyone! Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your dog, TPArms is a new, serious contender in the world of long range shooting!