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  1. S

    .300 Win Mag Build

    Hey guys a little new on here so take it easy on me. I've searched a decent amount on similar threads but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. My brothers and I are just getting started reloading our own rounds and I have become very interested in extending the lethality range of my .308...
  2. P

    Firearms Custom Gradous Rifles 6.5 cm - Surgeon 591 / BM, Jewell Triggers, McMillan A-5, Cerakote

    Times are tough, gotta let go of one of my favorites. 6.5cm on a Surgeon 591 action, custom built by Robert Gradous. I bought this rifle on SH a couple years ago and have unfortunately not had much time behind it, but the time I did have was incredible. I am waiting to confirm all of the build...
  3. J

    Tikka t3 lite for semi custom?

    I found an outlet to buy a tikka t3x lite in 6.5 creed for 469$ and I was wondering if it was a good starting point for a semi custom rifle, new stock, bolt shroud, and bottom metal asap then eventually swap the barrel down the road, Primarily for a target/hunting rifle up to 1000yds... are...
  4. 338FREAK

    338 Lapua Build

    Hello all, I am in the market for building a custom .338 Lapua. I currently have a Savage 110 w/ HS Precision 26" barrel and it shoots great but the action is not smooth and I have had Issues like many have had extracting spent cases. Also now that i have my suppressor the 26" barrel with 10"...
  5. HStarr22

    Training Courses Tactical Precision Arms. Garden Plain, KS

    This last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Jamison Yoder of TPArms. I took a two day class with four other gentlemen and learned more there then I could have ever imagined! I'd read plenty on forums and had developed a basic understanding of the long range game, but for me...
  6. Alaskashooter

    Mcmillan G30

    I've been looking at alot of .338 actions lately and I stumbled upon the mcmillan g30, but I cant find any in depth info on it. Not seeing them used in anything but the mcmillan tac-338. So if anyone has thoughts or concerns about it please chime in. Not lookin for info on...
  7. W

    Need a Good Place to buy Foam for Homemade Gun Case

    I live in a small town and nobody carries any foam for gun cases. I turned an old army crate into a SBR/pistol case. I just need foam to finish it.
  8. The-Wife

    Should a wife hijack her husband's build?

    Question - When is it ok for a wife to hijack her husband's build? A bit of background. I have been shooting since I was 7. Nothing makes stress melt away like focusing on a target. Unfortunately I have a spinal injury that limits the amount of recoil my body can absorb. Thus I tend to...
  9. T

    Tikka T3 Semi Custom Job

    Hi guys, Im new here but have been visiting the site regularly to soak up all the great information posted. My setup currently is a stock T3 lite with a Bushnell 10x42 tactical. I would like to know what people think about rebarreling the rifle with an Green Mountain 26 inch barrel in their...
  10. O

    Experience with a fully built Shilen rifle?

    Hey guys, I just joined up and thought I'd get some opinions. I'm trying to decide between a fully built Shilen DGR (or maybe just a barreled shilen action or something of the like) and a Rem 700 build. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the DGR, or DGV for that matter, and just...