The Maddest March yet!


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Jan 15, 2009
My brackets are officially busted with IU's loss last night to Syracuse. Still, the parity within NCAA men's basketball this year was incredible. Any of the top 6 teams could have been No. 1, except maybe the Zags. As much as I like those guys, they've got to get a stronger schedule. I'm glad the program is a perennial powerhouse, but they're also turning out to be perennial March Madness disappointments.

Georgetown getting upset the first weekend was crazy, but seeing Oregon (WAYYYY underrated), La Salle, and Wichita State go far in the tournament has been a lot of fun. I don't think too many people were shocked to see the Zags get beat, at most they were shocked by how early they went out. Now with Indiana gone, this tournament is completely up for grabs. With the way Syracuse played last night, they looked like national contenders. Louisville has a very good chance at this point. Ohio State has just barely won the last two games so I don't think they've got the mettle to win it all. The Duke/Michigan State game tonight could be the real national title game, as either Izzo or Coach K have the teams to win it this year if everyone performs to their respective levels.

Nonetheless, this year's March Madness has been crazier than most.


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Feb 18, 2012
I think it has been a great long before my team made into the final four. For the record Georgetown crapped out my bracket, but I loved watching FGC and their play, so I am ok with the busted bracket. I did call the Ohio State fail at the Elite 8. Frankly the Zags made it further than I thought they would. I have enjoyed so many things about this season except watching Ware break his leg. Great player and I hope the best for him.