1. PRCslut

    Sako s20 and barrel options

    QUESTION? I have a Sako S20 in 6.5 PRC. Great rifle. I want to put a carbon barrel on it. I am convinced that having a 7.5 or 7 twist on this caliber would be beneficial, especially if I want to run loads similar to the Hornady ELDX 143. I am also convinced that the only real benefit to a cold...
  2. R

    What kind of Savage Model 10 FCP Chassis do I have?

    I recently acquired this Custom Savage Model 10 FCP .308 WIN. Bolt Action Rifle and it came with this custom, metal chassis in a burnt bronze/gold color and two double stacked AI magazines. My question is, does anyone recognize or could identify the stock/chassis on this firearm? It's...
  3. O

    Gunsmithing Muzzle brake torque/crushing a rifles crown?

    I am working on installing a muzzle brake (Precision armament m4-72) on my heavy barrel 308. I chose to get the PA accu-washer shim set to time the brake. I chose the one I thought was correct, but when tightening down the brake, I could not get it to index properly. Didn't use a torque wrench...
  4. Draco877

    Sling Selection for KRG Chassis

    I have a KRG 180-Alpha chassis and outside of tactical slings I have never picked out a good sling for something that is not a QCB firearm. So I want to be sure to get something that fits well on the listed stock and is good quality. Currently all I have are some cheap walmart hunting slings...
  5. Howland

    Favorite powder/loads for .308 18" 1/10 auto?

    I'm hoping to draw on the experience of members who have walked the same path I'm going without repeating everyone else's mistakes. Lazy me. I haven't reloaded for a number of years but am getting back into it now that I have access to a longer range. I used to reload extensively but primarily...
  6. P

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Help me choose a new CCW pistol! *Update*

    I'm looking to add a new CCW pistol to my rotation (along side a Cajun CZ P-01). My Cajun CZ PCR is getting retired as I'm moving to lights on all CCWs after some recent events (will probably sell it on the exchange, PM me if you want to get in early). The requirements are as follows: 1.) Must...
  7. JTarr340

    Yellow Pellets in Barrel - 22WMR Anybody Seen This Before?

    I just got a new Fedderson barrel for my CZ455 and got the chance to shoot it yesterday. As I packed up my eqt, I noticed these little yellow pellets in the barrel and on the muzzle. My suppressor is full of this crap. Ammo was Winchester 30gr. V-Max in 22WMR. Has anybody seen this before...
  8. F

    Rifle Scopes Which Scope Steiner Vortex Burris 3-15x ish

    Looking for a scope 3-15 or similar FFP, Mil, 100-1000yards. Weight is not a concern Going on 6.5C Using Employment discount Wait time doesnt concern Shooting all light conditions I did include some scopes that are not 3-15 and am aware of this. What would you pick and why? Thanks for opinions...
  9. P

    Building a rifle similar to the EDM Windrunner

    Hi folks, I'm looking to build a bolt gun similar to the EDM Windrunner/Nemesis Arms Vanquish which can be seen here: & here: Their system looks great. I love that you can quickly swap barrels and return to zero...
  10. Saito

    Sidearms & Scatterguns "Everyday/Everywhere" CCW question

    I carry pretty much everyday that I'm off of work. I also travel ALOT. In any given month, I'll put 5k miles on my truck. During my travels I inevitably have to take a dump in a public restroom. I carry a full size 1911 and, more often than not, there isn't anywhere to set my gun, while I, well...
  11. S

    Gunsmithing Remington Bolt question.

    I've got a .223 action just sitting around. I'm going to put a 300wsm barrel on it. Now, about the bolt. Can it be turned to accommodate the larger case? Will I need a new extractor or a new bolt? Thanks.
  12. Shumba

    Rifle Scopes US Optics question

    If I buy a used SN3 US Optics scope, can I send it back to US Optics to install the Extended Eye Reflief eyepiece? I would like to buy one for my 50 BMG and I found one for a good price, but it does not have the EER. If I sent it to US Optics, would they j ust charge me the $250 to install...
  13. justinbaker

    quickload question. difference b/w CIP and SAAMI

    im loading for my 22-250 and trying to figure out what the difference between 22-250 CIP and 22-250 SAAMI thanks guys!
  14. C

    Rifle Scopes nightforce 2.5-10x32 question

    just bought a nightforce 2.5-10x32 with NPR-2 reticle my question his Can I assume that at 2.5X the lines on the NPR-2 will be 8 inches apart since they are 2 inches apart at 10X thank you Michel
  15. NordicG3K

    Rifle Scopes IOR lens cover question

    I recently purchased an IOR 2-12x32 (which is really nice!). I'd like to put some lens covers on it, but due to the shape of the eyepiece I'm not sure if this will work. Any suggestions?
  16. N

    Rifle Scopes Redfield scope question

    Searching for the right scope for my M40 project, whats the difference between Redfield Accu-Trac & Accu-Range?
  17. Guns4570

    Rifle Scopes FFP and Corrective Lenses vs SFP Question

    This question is for guys that have to wear corrective lenses only, if you don't wear them daily please don't post. It seems to me... that looking through many FFP scopes with my glasses...they appear dimmer and not as clear out the edge as a SFP scope with good glass like a Zeiss Conquest and...
  18. Savage_Jake

    Die Question

    How do you set up a full length die to just neck size? I have a batch of .308 that need to be reloaded and I wanted to leave the case body alone. I know I should just get a neck sizer, but if I can use my FL set that would be great.
  19. D

    700 XCR Compact Tactical question

    Hey everyone. I bought a new Remington model 700 XCR Compact Tactical in .308 Win. I then purchased a scope mount kit for the Leupold scope. When I took the plugs out of the receiver I noticed the first hole toward the barrel looked a little shallow. When I installed the scope mount the screw...
  20. I

    Ackley Mag Question

    Do any of you guys know what needs to be done to get a 243 or 260 AI to feed reliably from a savage sa? I see 5 people that say it works fine and 5 that say you shouldnt try it. Just trying to get some input here. Can it be done, or should I stick with the standard round? Thanks in advance.