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Yet another clueless voter speaks up


About 8 bucks.
While yer at it make me a sammich.

This country is full of her kind. Without their cell or elec'a'motricity to charge same, that kind of plant planted & nurtured so long by the NWO/OWO types, quickly dies on the vine.
It's like kudzu now. The only thing that is going to stop it is a societal meltdown. It's not far off and it's not going to be pretty.
This is attention whoring at It's finest.

I could feed myself three decent meals on $8 a day.
She is waiting on Puddin to cancel her CC and mortgage debt. Don't laugh, its coming, for some.
For thousands of years, women were not allowed to vote, and for good reason. They aren't even in control of their own mental disorders, let alone able to make decisions for others. So our wise ancestors knew that allowing their wives to air their opinions outside the home would destroy society.

Now they are running the show and their bipolar, hormonal, lunatic, roller coaster personalities are celebrated by cucks and progressives everywhere.
these are the kind of girls i taught my sons to avoid like the plague. and i think it is about 95% of them.
Avoid is a bit harsh I would say something like avoid spending over 15 minutes with unless it happens sooner then just leave.
Moron? Has to be a liberal, who's only voting issue is abortion.
I do the instant. It ain't good, but it's the same stuff I camp with. I look it like McDonald's. It's not good but at least it's consistently bad.

starbucks via instant.

When I was ultralight backpacking I would pour one packet in a water bottle of cold water, that was really good.
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With the mouth on her she can probably suck dick well, she will find some dumb dude to pay all her bills eventually.

This 'I am going to live by buying $8 coffees' sort of attitude is what has me baffled.

FFS when I was a young poor I drank the fucking free coffee at work, oh fuck I forget, todays kids don't work.

I did waste money on stupid shit now and again, everyone does, but I didn't do it daily or on credit cards.