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    Gunsmithing 28 nosler reamer

    My 28 Nosler/ 195 reamer has .275 FB and is a solid performer.
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    Gunsmithing Laser Etcher

    I'm fairly certain I'll be at SHOT, and will definitely check them out
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    Gunsmithing Laser Etcher

    Yes, mainly chamber designation and Shop logo.
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    Gunsmithing Laser Etcher

    I'm very interested in going to a laser etch system for my shop. I've long used Acid Etch and it's been fine, but with an increase in overall work and one off chamberings. I'm getting tired of stencils and how little they last. Not to mention the other opportunities a good Laser system...
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    Gunsmithing Actionless Barrel Threading

    Of all the shouldered actions out there, Impact Precision would be the only I would consider doing pre fits for. Ymmv.
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    S&B 3-12. MTC Gen2 mildot

    For the evening crowd.
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    S&B 3-12. MTC Gen2 mildot

    Up for sale is my S&B 3-12 MTC Gen 2 mildot. Comes with Badger USMC 34mm rings, Badger SIMRAD Cap, and a vortex level. I've had this scope a decade, and its shows some use. However, its rock solid. Probably the best scope I've ever had. Interests change is the ONLY reason for selling. $2600...
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    30mm rings Badger and MK4

    Make offers! They need to go!