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    SPF Custom 6 Creed. Foundation/Defiant/Proof

    Says 250 down the tube, assume the action is the same.
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    SOLD CADEX SHADOW 375ct Sniper Grey 29" with drag bag and extras

    Might be interested, I live in New Mexico, so not that far away.
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    How / Where do you buy ammo? (By Lot #)
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    Stock question for the RimX guys?

    MPA, 700 inlet as guys said
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    Vudoo bolt comes out

    Gen 2 owners that bought directly from you? How about the ones bought from other dealers?
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    WTS/WTT Wilson Combat Recon Tactical 6.5 CM Final Price Drop 1900 Tyd

    They're super accurate. This is my 18" WC 6.5 at 565 yards on a plate rack. I have other videos out to 800 yards also. $1900 is a steal.
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    (found one) WTB Revic PMR 428 MIL RX1

    Update, no longer looking. Been thinking about one of these for a new rifle for hunting. Still a bit on fence, but let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    Cadex 50BMG White

    What color is the 375 you have?
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    WTS: Barrett .416 m99

    Still have it?
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    WTB: Leupold Mark 5HD, 3.6-18x44, CCH reticle

    ***Update, found one. Looking for a Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 with a CCH reticle to match my other Leupolds. Possibly take a H59 also. Send me a message what you might have and how much you are asking. Prefer new or like new. Thanks.
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    Leupold MK6 4-18x44 H59 Reticle $1750

    You still have? What's the model number on the box?
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    Leupold Mark 5 3.6-18x, CCH Reticle - SOLD

    Damn, exactly what I needed. Anyone else have one for sale?
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    WTS MPA 308BA Barreled action or complete rifle, brand new

    What length barrel? What barrel profile?
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    WTB Wilson Tactical Hunter

    I have one, not sure is its a Tactical hunter or a Recon tactical. I believe it's fluted, it is 18". I shoot it suppressed and I put a AR Diamond trigger in it. Still have the original trigger. It has about 140 rounds through it.