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    Optics Looking for Leupold RX2800 laser rangefinder

    I copied a link to the post. It isn’t my post. I’d suggest contacting the seller or perhaps responding to the post I linked.
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    Optics Looking for Leupold RX2800 laser rangefinder
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    COSSA Central Oregon PRS practice teaser, Sunday June 6th, 2021

    I assume this is the first weekend of every month? Also, is there a cap on participants? I was just checking out the COSSA website this afternoon looking for information regarding the gas gun events, and Google fu somehow led me to this thread.
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    KRG Bravo-Remington 700SA (308) install problems

    I had the same thing happen when I installed my Bravo on a Bergara barreled action. Drove me nuts. Finally I measured each screw with calipers and found that I had evidently mixed them up. I realize you have resolved the problem but it might be helpful for someone in the future.
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    Backpack for AR pistol

    Never stuffed an AR pistol in it, but I have an Arctryx Khard 30, newer model is the Assault 30. It’s a pretty slick pack on the outside if that matters. It’s a blank slate on the inside. 30 liters doesn’t sound like much but there’s not much wasted space. It’s definitely high quality, and...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns High End 9MM Concealed Carry

    Have you looked at the Sphinx SDP Compact/subcompact. Basically a steel P07 or P01 but they are slick. I’ve handled a few and they are quite a bit more polished than a standard CZ.
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    Shooting Tripods? Which One? Need Advice.

    I’m not sure this model is a domestic product. The website identifies the pro32-mil as being Made in the USA. They do not mention the country of origin for the model you are referencing.
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    300 BLK Load Data

    I’ve been searching for this load for a while. Same components, same setup. Thanks for posting.
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    Hunting and shooting Tripod options that don’t involve China These are the shooter specific tripods, I think from the same people at Colorado Tripod. There’s a thread a few pages back discussing the there stuff.
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    Training Courses Training in Oregon
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    Keg bravo vs bergara hmr stock

    I just purchased a Premier heavy barreled action in 6.5 cm. My FFL in Oregon ordered it from Davidson’s. I believe list was $1200. He had a triggertech special that I picked up as well. For both it was $1200, so after I pick up a Bravo I’ll be in as much as purchasing an HMR Pro. I’ve shot a...
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    Arcteryx Khard 60 +long gun question

    I use a Triple Aught Design transporter tail and a few grimlock caribiners and the side compression straps with my Khard 30. It seems to work pretty well with lighter rifles. I’ve used it with a r700 and a magpul hunter a few times but it’s takes some effort to make it feel very stable. I’ve...
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    Suppressors SilencerCo ASR - teeth not aligning?

    Mine does the same thing. I sent my original asr module in to silencerco and they shipped me a new one. Still had the same problem. My work around was to thread the can onto the mount until it stops, lock the ring with the teeth not completely seated, and give it a good turn clockwise and it...