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    Reloading Equipment Lapua .338 300gr HPBT Cheap! 2,000 projectiles

    I have 4 cases of 500 projectiles per case. They have been sitting on my shelf for a few years and I just want them gone. Lot P00422801 I paid about $1,900 for them. I will sell them for $1,300 for all 2000 shipped to your door.
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    Firearms New Ultra Light Arms (NULA) .280 AI unfired plus ammo SOLD

    I have a NULA built by Melvin in 280 AI. Right Hand action. Unfired, just sitting in my safe since it was built in 2015. Perfect condition. Additionally I have 2 boxes (40 rounds) of Hornady Precision Hunter .280 Ackley 162 gr ELD-X. Part #85586 If you are interested PM me with your phone #...
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    Optics New Unused Trijicon REAPER IR 35mm

    I believe it is version one. How would I confirm?
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    Optics New Unused Trijicon REAPER IR 35mm

    Just as the title says this unit is brand new and unused. I can text you pictures of anything you need to see before purchasing REAP-IR Price is $6,200 shipped to CONUS. I can text you pictures of anything you need to see before purchasing
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    Firearms New Ultra Light Arms Model 20 .260 Rem Unfired SOLD

    This is a brand new, never fired NULA right handed .260 Rem. It has a 22" matte stainless barrel. It is the Model 20. Model 20 Pics available by text upon request Price is $2,500 shipped CONUS
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    Optics Nightforce C615 ATACR 4-16X42 F1 Mil-XT New in Box SOLD

    The title to the thread says it all. This scope is brand new and the factory seal is in place. Please don't ask for pictures because I am not cutting the factory seal. If you want pics of the seal and box, I can do that. Scope Info The Price is $2,250 shipped to your door CONUS
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    Best Software for comparing trajectories

    What software is the easiest to quickly compare two loads/bullets/velocities etc side by side graphically and with drop charts?
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    Upgrade BH40 to Anvil 30?

    I have a BH40 already. What would I be losing and what would I be gaining by purchasing a an Anvil 30 to use instead?
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    6.5x284 Load Questions

    I decided to build a gun in 6.5x284. It is at GAP right now getting built. The rifle has 1-8.75 rifling. I believe the 140 gr Berger Hybrid is the highest BC bullet available that will stabilize in this twist. Is there another bullet I should be looking at? How finicky is this bullet to...
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    Is this a really bad fire forming idea?

    I am thinking of chambering a rifle in 6.5x55AI. Lapua makes factory 139gr Scenar ammo. I was thinking of buying 250 rounds or so of it and firing it in the AI chamber to fire form it and end up with the fire formed brass afterwards. How accurate/inaccurate do you think 6.5x55 ammo fired in...
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    6.5X55AI vs 6.5X284 Build Questions

    I have accumulated parts on my shelf over the years and I realized I basically have a complete rifle worth of parts sitting there. Here is what I have: Rem 700 LA with .30-06 bolt face and oversized recoil lug Bartlein 1-8.75 twist 27" Medium Contour barrel blank Huber Trigger 20 MOA Badger...
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    Is sawtooth rifles GTG?

    I ordered a part and had some questions on it. They were fantastic to work with. Great company.