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    Suppressors Suppressor Cleaning with Stainless Steel Media: possible?

    It would be a pain in the ass to get out.
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    Suppressors 30 cal suppressor recommendations

    The mounts are only $75. That is extremely competitive with the other offerings out there. You also have the option of purchasing a thread on MAAD mount if you want to use it on a precision rifle. If I were in your situation that is probably what I'd go with.
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    Suppressors So who made the suppressors for Ops Inc?

    I have an AE30 and a 762sd. The AE30 is noticeably quieter and has significantly less shift.
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    Suppressors Allen Engineering

    Thanks Ron! Are there any stocking dealers in Georgia? I'd really like to snag an AEM5 before the 41p ruling. I'm still loving my AE30!
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    Suppressors Which suppressor

    Allen engineering AE30 Silencerco specwar Thunder beast 30p
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    Suppressors New To Suppressors, persuade me away from AAC.

    The mount is fine for semi auto rifles where you are not concerned with tiny group size. I love my M4-2000 on my AR's. For precision work there are better cans.
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    Suppressors 9mm or 45acp suppressor more fun?

    I have zero regrets getting the 45 osprey.
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    Suppressors Allen Engineering

    Love my AE30. Buy with confidence.
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    Suppressors specwar mount for bolt action rifle

    Both would be fine. However, I'd prefer the brake to tame the recoil when I am not shooting suppressed.
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    Suppressors Who's running Allen Engineering cans?

    I have the AE30 and it is awesome. There is little POI shift and the sound reduction is awesome.
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    Suppressors Ops inc

    Yes, as long as they are the equivalent model. Contact Ron Allen to make sure you order the correct AE can to mate with your brake.
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    Suppressors Ops Inc. Suppressors

    I have an Allen Engineering AE30 can made by Ron Allen. He's the manufacturer of Ops Inc cans. I absolutely love it. The can mounts to my gun very securely, there is very little POI shift, and the suppression is incredible. Although lesser known I'd put the Ops Inc/Allen Engineering cans up...
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    Suppressors Gov Shutdown @ NFA?

    I'd be shocked if they were not shut down. Until this mess is over assume that no forms will be processed.
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    Suppressors Is there nothing that can be done?

    Oh don't worry. Once the new rules go into effect the wait times will plummet.
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    Suppressors No ATF forms, no shooting?

    It sounds like you handled the situation well. I'm sorry Barney Fife was on a power trip that day and ruined your weekend at the range.