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    What stock did you choose for your Vudoo rifle?

    I run a 20” barreled vudoo in an older AI 2.0 chassis with the thumb hole skins. Had one laying around from when I upgraded to an AIAX few years ago. Since the chassis was milled for a badger m2013 action, I just had the vudoo bedded in with marine tex. Not necessary on a rimfire, but to make...
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    Ranging Reticle Spotter Help

    Just picked up a Sightmark Tactical 15-45x with FFP Mil hash reticle for use as a backup, and just bc I wanted to check it out. Compared with my leupy mk4, it’s very close to clarity and quality. Price was 1/4 of what a mk4 spotter is. We used it recently out to 800y, able to call misses, was...
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    Am I Fighting Copper Fouling?

    Previous cleaning process was covered in OP. Yes I use a possum hollow bore guide and coated rod.
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    Am I Fighting Copper Fouling?

    ^^ checked distance to lands with Stoney point comparator. Still same unchanged from new. Picked up some wipe out tactical and accelerator. Just finished cleaning. Damn I was amazed at the amount of blue on the patches. Got a very small amount of brown/yellow on a couple patches at the...
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    Am I Fighting Copper Fouling?

    Been shooting my Ruger Precision 556 a lot more lately getting ready for prairie dogging. Bought new, added a timney trigger, and a Surefire break. Other than that, it’s as it came from ruger. Proper break in was performed, and it rewarded me with very acceptable accuracy. After about 400 rounds...
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    Rifle Scopes Anyone have or use the Horus H59 vs the Horus Tremor reticle?

    H59 is GTG. I have a couple Bushnell hdmr’s and one steiner with the H59 reticles. I really like the christmas tree style for windage holdovers. After buying the Steiner M-series I realized how easy they were to use, bought a couple other optics with the same reticle. Currently 3-21 bushnell’s...
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    Hornady April 24, 2019 something

    7.6 creedmoor (7.62x50)
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    Hubble Horus Spotter, any experience?

    Local guy has a Hubble 15-45x spotter with Horus H32 reticle for a decent price. It’s an older model, circa 2011, straight tube. From what I can see, it’s in like new condition, and he is original owner. Anyone have experience with or looked through one of these? Like the idea of having a fairly...
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    Premier Reticles 3-15×50 Gen2 Mildot $1950 SOLD SOLD

    Can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet. When the f*ck is my tax return due in?!?
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    New Rotating Shooting Bench Setup

    You nailed it. Can’t miss that target. Although I’m sure it wouldn’t do the house any good to put a round through the walls.
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    New Rotating Shooting Bench Setup

    I’m assuming your calling the gongs a “wall”? Or do you mean something else. I’ll take any advantage when targets are 2-1/2” and 3” round, respectively. Our range goes out to 800y, and we routinely shoot 4” to 5” gongs at the maximum distance. We also like to push each other and see who can...
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    New Rotating Shooting Bench Setup

    Good work. What’s that tip made of? Does it get hot in the sun being exposed all day? That looks pretty legit though lol. Little small for my liking but good none the less. I like the storage under the table. It would work well for cleaning rods and ammo boxes. Since we use a trailer to travel...
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    New Rotating Shooting Bench Setup

    Yeah body is square to the butt of the rifle. You do get a bit of forward lean when swing is out to the far starboard side. But it’s pretty minimal.
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    New Rotating Shooting Bench Setup

    Took the bench out today to give it a try. Very happy with how it performed. The design allows me to have my right elbow rest solid on the table, and my left arm supporting the stock just like I planned. When going from 300y gong to 500y, there is about a difference of 60 feet left to right...