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    Tips/tricks for packing powder/primers for 2 year storage?

    I may end up doing that for the reloading supplies and gun safe(s).
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    Tips/tricks for packing powder/primers for 2 year storage?

    I _could_ store the stuff in my apartment. Not sure if that would violate any lease rules/regulations. :)
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    Tips/tricks for packing powder/primers for 2 year storage?

    In a month or two, I will be moving to an apartment for 12-24 months while my new house is being built and I will be putting most of my 'stuff' into storage for that time period. I have about 50 lbs of powder and about 15K primers that I need to pack/store. Any advice for "do's" and "don'ts"...
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    300 PRC

    What bullet? How many rounds down the barrel so far? It might take 100+ rounds to get the barrel up to speed. 24" barrel is not helping you.
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    300 PRC factory rifle

    Ruger RPR 300 PRC ?
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

    Shows out of stock. :O 1 minute.
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

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    Tell me about Kentucky

    A few years back I looked around to see where I would like to move when I leave "the hot box" (aka Central Florida). I visited a bunch of places and I decided that East TN between Chattanooga and Knoxville offered the most "must haves". I ended up buying a lot near Sweetwater TN that I'm...
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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

    My order of 5lbs of 8208XBR from 3rd Generation Shooting Supply was delivered this afternoon. That was my most critical powder need. The next highest priority reloading component "need" is small rifle primers. Fat chance on getting those.
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    What are you shooting

    300 PRC
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    Barrels and Gunsmiths

    Since "money is no object" just go ahead a get a 6.5 Grendel upper from Precision Firearms. He will be much happier with a 6.5 at 750 yds.
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    6mm Creedmore

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    Powder IN-STOCK thread

    Thanks. I _think_ I was able to order five 1lb XBR8208 from Third Generation.
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    Buy or Build a sturdy workbench/reloading bench?

    My $0.02. I will never have a reloading work bench in a non air conditioned space.
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    Aperture sight rifle

    OP, How old are you and how are your eyes? You have to have really good eyes to shoot long range well using iron/aperture sights.