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    Suppressors Tbac ultra core upgrade

    Its also stronger. Rated to an 18" WM, 14.5 308 or 20" RUM.
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    Suppressors Tbac ultra core upgrade

    With the new Ultra core in your 30P-1 tube you will be about 5 dB quieter. You should be able to notice that without a B&K 2209. You will also notice a weight loss when you pick it up
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    Suppressors Smallest barrel diameter to thread a barrel 5/8-24.

    Do not use a lock nut as a shoulder!
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    MRMBC, Missouri...Its on

    Re: MRMBC, Missouri...Its on I'd like to come back. I had a good time last year.
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    Suppressors Questions about suppressing a .22-250

    Re: Questions about suppressing a .22-250 There are a lot of 223P-1s and 30P-1s suppressing 22-250s out there.
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    Suppressors Need to re-thread rifles?

    Re: Need to re-thread rifles? We do make single port brakes in 1/2x28.
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    Suppressors Best suppressor for .308

    Re: Best suppressor for .308 Looking at the two videos I would say I had the camera (iPhone) a lot closer to me than the guy did in the other video. Also I was shooting in a canyon and he was in an open field. Video isn't the best representation of suppression.
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    Fit-shot/ fitness incorporating shooting?

    Re: Fit-shot/ fitness incorporating shooting? They are asking us to do more of them Here is what we had posted. http://www.competition-dynamics.com/combat-biathlon-series-2012/ I'm looking forward to snow and getting the snow shoes out or cross country skis.
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    Suppressors Is this a joke?

    Re: Is this a joke? I guess mine is the K version. I think you are correct that if you remove the fake can the barrel goes all the way through on the MP5 version.
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    Suppressors Is this a joke?

    Re: Is this a joke? Here you go. I'd say barrel is about 4.75" But I run it with a 22L-1 on it so it looks like this
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    Suppressors Is this a joke?

    Re: Is this a joke? Not even close to 16" without the fake can on it. I have an SBR version around here somewhere. I'll take a photo and post it.
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    Suppressors Today's Field Test of a TBAC 22S-1

    Re: Today's Field Test of a TBAC 22S-1 I have a CZ 22 that will shoot sub MOA at 100 with our 22L-1 with Rem subs and the Winchester 40gr Power Points. Good shooting. Glad you like the can.
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    Crossfit, Day 1

    Re: Crossfit, Day 1 Good for you.
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    Suppressors Importance of amount of torque

    Re: Importance of amount of torque Unusual. Where in WY are you? Sounds like we need to shoot and get to the bottom of this.
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    Suppressors 338 suppressor on a 6.5 CM?

    Re: 338 suppressor on a 6.5 CM? Several of our dealers post on here and run sales all the time.