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    Sad day - We lost Charlie Daniels today.

    That sucks! I love his music. RIP CD.
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    Securing a business from looters

    THEIS, Can you see an overhead of my place? If so, did I get the lines nice and straight with the mower today? My wife said they weren't quite straight and I think it looks really good. Love your first post man!!! Chris
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    *******FOUND THEM******* Stinger Missile Cases

    WTS Stinger Missile case ( surplus ). $300 plus one case of 2-ply Quilted Northern : FIRM Serious inquiries only! ps. I'm not really trying to sell anything on here and I know I don't have 100 posts ( Please don't ban me )
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    What have you done?

    More of a "nice thing someone did for me" report... I live in a small town, during the winter, I always swing in and plow out the driveway and dooryard of a nice family who lives about 6 miles away. That family lost dad to cancer a few years back while the kids were still in high school...
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    Anyone using TBAC Takedown on .223 Bolt gun?

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone was using the TBAC 556 Takedown on their bolt action rifle. I know there are more tailored options for a rifle like that but this is why I am asking: There are not many suppressor dealers in my AO. There are a few, but only one that carries TBAC...
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    Where to find barrel temperature strips?

    Damn!! I wish I knew how to make a meme. I would show Flick from the movie "A Christmas Story" coming into the class with his tongue bandaged up.
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    Toilet paper math

    I think what Im going to try and do is to put all family members on a strict diet of 2 spoonfuls of Metamucil every morning and we will sell any TP that we currently have and the proceeds will go to my rifle fund. After all, two spoonfuls of that stuff daily and wiping is merely a formality.
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    Toilet paper math

    Ok, the math is going to be slightly skewed since the damn rookie made enchiladas for supper last night at the firehouse. So Im going with an average of 8 squares per sit , but the household has a wife and two younguns so a roll probably only lasts about 4 days.
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    Whatch your ass, Texas. They're coming for you....

    And here I thought this thread was informing us that Pete Buttigieg was running for office in Texas now.
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    Toilet paper math

    I guess I will have to count how many sheets I use per sitting. Hold on...I will let you know in a few minutes
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    New guy here...

    Welcome from south central wisconsin
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    My Dumb Question Post, Bose 700 Headphones

    I second "Limedust" on the B&O H9i. Using them right now and they are awesome. No apps and they hook right up every time.
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    Newbie from Wisco

    Welcome! South Central Wisconsin is where I call home.
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    Help A Hide Brother - Funds for JMGlasgow

    Funds incoming via PayPal. Use as you see fit Glasgow. Good luck with everything.
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    If you were to completely restart your career...

    kthomas, With your age and health you should have a pretty wide range of choices. I agree with one of the above mentioned replies about being careful not to get into a situation such as working in a field you LOVE but are working for someone else. Your enjoyment could end quickly when a...