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    old school scope

    IronSight are good people to work with, at least in my case.
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    Bullet Powder Combo not found

    +1 on what 918v stated. Type of brass makes a BIG difference, especially when going between military and commercial. As always, work up the load, not down. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    old school scope

    I have (2) Tasco 4 x 15 rimfire scopes, one new in box. Both have bases. You can have them if you want them.
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    IMpact 60 reticle

    Well, I picked one up. Will go on Remi Long Range w/26" tube in 300 Win mag. Thanks for the replies rmcc
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    IMpact 60 reticle

    Has anyone used Leupold's Impact 60 reticle? I am looking at on of their LRP 6.5-20 x 50 w/Impact 60 reticle.
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    New scope??

    I am going to spend between $1K & $1,5K on scope. Would like to be under 50mm objective size. What are your collective recommendations and why, please? Thanks, Rich
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    LC brass question

    Can anyone tell me the rhyme or reason why some 223/5.56 brass has primer crimp and some does not? Have a bunch of "02 that is crimped. Have "03 & "05 that is not. Thanks, Rich
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    M1A bedding question

    I am working on a friends M1A and have got to the point of bedding with AcraGlas Gel. We have talked about this for a long time and he brought the stock.... problem is it is for a select fire rifle, has the selector switch cut out in the stock, or that is what I think it is as I have never seen...
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    Iowa shooters check in

    I am in South central about 40 mi. south of DSM.
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    Win 52 + Unertl

    I would like opinions on this one, please. Have a 1934 Win 52 with scope blocks. I feel the "classic" combination would be a Unertl or Lyman All American. Will be used for 100yd matches, 3 position. Am using Winchester T22 ammo. Rifle LIKES it!! Tried some 10x ( after heart slowed down from...
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    Wolf boxer primed 45 auto

    A friend told me he had heard that Wolf cases were such soft steel that they should be able to be reloaded. Sized a few and they size very easy. Has anybody tried losding them? Thanks, Rich
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    Win 70 synthetic?

    I need some advice, I just traded for a Win 70 25/06, 26" barrel, sporter weight. For the interim until I can find a B&C or similar is it worth the effort to bed this stock? I have very little experience with bedding or synthetic stocks. Your advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Rich
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    Rem 700 trigger adjustment

    Anyone here have the correct sequence to adjust trigger. I bought a 22/250 with a 9 lb. pull. Thanks, Rich
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    Accurate # 2200

    Does anyone have any experience with this in AR's w/55gr bullet? I ended up with 8lbs of it. Thanks, Rich
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    I have a couple of questions on bedding. I have a Savage 10 w/ B&C Medalist stock. How far into barrel channel do you bed or free float clear back to receiver ring? How much space to allow for bedding to get solid/rigid bond? Thanks in advance. Rich