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    Suppressors First round pop

    And some tape
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    Suppressors First round pop

    Sparrow has earned its reputation with some for high FRP values. Osprey has higher internal volume and that equates to higher potential for FRP. The "irregularity" of the designs doesn't matter, its all about 02 entrapment. Do not go by the 10-15cc wire gel value found above, it is way way...
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    Suppressors Threaded barrel adapters and increase in sound

    Couple of things. A thread adapter should have no impact on suppression values. As mentioned above chrono everything and report back as your rifle with subs is very quiet. How quiet? I have had a muffed spotter be surprised to see the impact as they did not hear the ignition with full case...
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    Suppressors Best 300BLK can?

    Think about it, the blackout is hardly a test for ANY .30 can as there is so little gas to deal with. If ANY .30 can can't deal with the blast of the blackout it sure as heck won't be worth a piss for a .308. Your issue is ACCURACY.....forget suppress think ACCURACY. So what does that all mean...
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    Suppressors First round pop

    All design dependent, there are conical designs that are just as bad. Which monocore, what caliber?
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    Suppressors osprey 9 vs 45

    Lets see if I can help here. 3dBs is almost a halving (1/2) of perceived sound. In other words, a properly designed 9mm can will be significantly quieter than a 9mm through a .45 can. There is no "slightly" about it. In fact, if one was to then shoot a 9mm Kurtz or a .380 through that 9mm can...
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    Suppressors Do I need an adjustable gas block?

    Delixe, Whew, there are a good number of moving parts in the answer to your question. I can get into the details but lets see if I can cut to the end reel for you. Every suppressor works at a different internal pressure.....and THAT is dependent in no small part of the barrel length, rate of...
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    Suppressors Does any body make a 6.8 Suppressors

    Yoteman, your neck.... Good for you for taking it seriously, where as there is some recoil felt from the primary recoil (momentum conservation) it is the secondary recoil (open atmosphere) that you have to be particularly careful of. Suppressor can help mildly, but that help moderates with an...
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    Suppressors Switch caliber suppressors. Do they exist?

    You mean I actually have to have shot a suppressed .223? Oh....well.....Can I take it all back? Yea? Great! Appreciate it.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Old "Air Marshal" handgun with " snipe sights"

    The ASP had serious frame alloy issues. Guttersnipe as a close range sighting system vanished upon introduction. Fascinating character that one would best never share his toothpaste with.
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    Suppressors Switch caliber suppressors. Do they exist?

    Laser, that could most certainly be true for your can design. The .223 is a very difficult round to suppress because of its high velocity. We would have to know what your diverter and primary looks like as well as the type of baffle, facings, timing (volume) of the chambers, firing schedule...
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    Suppressors Switch caliber suppressors. Do they exist?

    Suppression comes in many forms, some seek to achieve what we think of when we think of silencers, some require what might be best described as a muffler. Swapping an end cap only provides marginal improvement towards one of those goals. The folks that seek silence know that high firing...
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    Suppressors Switch caliber suppressors. Do they exist?

    Let me see if I can be clearer. - It is not legal as one cannot have any pieces outside of the suppressor as each and every piece is a suppressor unto themselves. No swapping out of anything. A small exception is made for those that run old cans with a single wiper on the end cap. That...
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    Suppressors Switch caliber suppressors. Do they exist?

    That you may not have legally. That idea of having a screw on monocore hanging off your barrel that would act as a muzzle brake? Or excessive pressure and worrying about it affecting ballistics? Interesting...
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    Suppressors Switch caliber suppressors. Do they exist?

    Short answer is not "yes" for civilians. Swapping an endcap will do very little if excellent suppression is your goal.