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    Suppressor suggestions

    Silencer Central, can be your annswer.
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    Disappointed in Forster CO-AX paint job. *Update 11/2

    Mine is about 20 plus years old and still looks great and works better than new. I'm 70 and will never replace it and wish I could have afforded one 50 years ago. My first press was a Hearders and the second was a RCBS and I never wore either one of them out. Both were given to me for a song you...
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    Hand primer- i need to find one that actually works well! HELP ME fellas

    Forster has a very effective primer installer. If something was better or more '"BULLET PROF"" we could say,,,I haven't found it.
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    Bergara Issue that Frank Mentioned

    Off the top of my head, EGW I think is made in Quakertown, PA.
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    Why the hatred for savage?

    I didn't use Savage for years because of a bad experience years ago when I was a kid. As of today the Savage .308 I own and reload for is my very most accurate rifle. I have Sako, Remington, Browning to name a few plus custom built rifles. That Savage is amazingly accurate. No hate for Savage on...
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    Safety Warning for Berger 77 grain OTM Tactical Factory Loaded Ammunition

    Never saw anything like that before in my life!!!
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    Useless great gun

    I had one when I was a kid. I always wished I had it back. I was told by a older man at that time that mine was a military surplus gun because of the steel stock plate. No doubt about that. The bluing was totally worn off. Mine was stamped 1893 on it. It looked just like a 1897 though. I guess...
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    Rifle suggestions

    Savage is the best bang for the buck, hands down. Spend your saved money on a scope. I've got two high dollar custom made rifles and neither of them are as accurate as the Savage. A really great reloading press and serious instruction from an experienced reloading person can make an undisputed...
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    Can't get a 300 win mag zeroed, won't hold a group, suggestions?

    Check the rail. Sounds nuts but that happened on my 30.06 Springfield. Scope good, rings good. I was tapping the Scope with a plastic mallet/hammer and just by chance saw the rail move. One set screw broken in the receiver. DAMN!!! Badger rail and top of the line match rings and Scope. Turned...
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    Recommend Me a Drop In Rem. 700 Trigger.

    Timney Triggers is as good or better and inexpensive as anything on the market.
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    Gun Weight and Hunting

    My sincere advice is to start to carry a hand held scope or a pair of binoculars. Keep your rifle on a sling until you need it. How to use a sling in different ways and how you can hook your arm into it and practice pays off big.
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    New Shooter trying to decide

    I think it is very hard to beat the value and quality of a Savage and TC.
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    Rifle Scopes Long range hunting scope recommendations.

    I like my Trigicon 4 to 20X50. Great in low light high in quality and the glass is second to none. The center dot remains illuminated naturally.