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  1. C

    Ammo 224 Valkyrie Ammo Brass & Bullets

    224 Valkyrie ammo, brass, and bullets. Also have a set of hornady reloading dies, no pics presently, would include with any purchase for $35. I will not split the ammo up or the brass. But will sell the brass, bullets, and ammo as separate batches. Bullets $50 174 Hornady 22 caliber ELD Match...
  2. Blaster01

    Accessories .224 8tw Benchmark MTU

    Selling for a buddy. As the title says, it’s an 8tw benchmark 224 barrel in mtu. 26” finish length. $365 shipped
  3. Cheech

    help with a .224 load

    Hi folks,I was wondering if anyone is/has loading sierra .224 90 grn HPBT MK? Need some load data, powder, etc., including barrel twist and M.V. please. Any factual info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Cheech
  4. Cheech

    Sierra HPBT .224 MK 90 gr.

    http://www.sierrabullets.com/index.cfm?s...mp;bullettype=0 Any one useing these? if so what speeds and accuracy are you getting? I contacted Sierra and asked about anyone factory loading it and they said no one was. Thanks
  5. P

    .224 Moly or standard

    I am about to purchase some reloading bullets for .223 and I cant decide on moly or standard bullets. I will be loading either 69 or 75's. I would like to buy moly but I have been told that if you shoot moly through your barrel then that is all you can shoot accurately through it. Is this true...
  6. cj1026

    .224 SMK 69gr HPBT

    Hey guys I am looking for a round for the AR with a little more punch. I have a 1 in 7 twist 16" barrel. What do you guys think of SMK 69gr HPBT? Good, bad, indifferent?
  7. J

    75gr .224 vs168gr .308 out to 700 yards

    I have a couple of Savage 10FP's, one in .308 and the other in .223. I load Hornady bullets in both guns, and both rifles shoot .75 MOA. My .308 load uses a 168gr BTHP's out to roughly 2650, while my .223 load uses 75gr BTHP's at 2925. Now, according to the Hornady site, the BC of the 168gr...
  8. N

    .224 solid bullet

    Been having problems with bullets coming apart out of the barrel at 50 plus yards. Need to find a solid 70gr and over. Have shot berger, hornady amax's 75 and 80. bullets to 90grs. Shot a 70 Barnes today it stayed together would like to find a higher BC bullet........this rifle has a 1/7 twist...