1. R

    Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 or Remington 700 build

    I was wondering if anyone could give me good feedback on a possible 243ai or 6mm-ai build for distance shooting... I have a pre 64 Winchester 70 in the standard 243 or a Remington model 700 bdl made in 1978. Both actions are in "like new condition" and I moving toward the 700 mainly because of...
  2. D_TROS

    Range Report 6mm & Slow Powders

    HAVE any of you tried the super slow powders in the 244 Remington (6mm Rem, 6-257 Roberts, 6-7x57 Mauser)? The research I have done on this site is mostly the 6 Crusader. I want more info on 6mm Rem but any input on other AI 6mm calibers will be appreciated (esp barrrel life - velocities -...
  3. S

    243AI: Feasible to run 115 DTAC and 87 V-Max?

    If I build a 243AI around the 115gr DTAC is it likely I can also get good accuracy out of the 87 V-Max or will I be spinning them too fast? I want to optimize around the DTAC for the long range performance and antelope but it'll be a necessity to use the V-Max for coyotes.
  4. T

    243AI load info please

    I currently have an FN SPR action at my smith and he is building me a 243ai 3 groove 8 twist 28" barrel to shoot the 105 class bullets. I am looking for peoples pet loads with velocities. I have not picked a specific bullet that I want I just know I want at least 100gr and yes I know to start...
  5. S

    Gunsmithing 243AI???

    I am loading some 107gr sierras for my 243AI. My max OAL with these bullets is only 2.760. It seems to me like there is a lot of bullet pushed down into the case. Is this ok? This is my first 243AI or any AI chambering, so i have no personal experience. My barrel is an 8 twist, thats why i am...