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  1. The4GunGuy

    Reloading Equipment WTT H4350 for H4895 ONLY (Houston Area)

    I have an 8lb container of H4350 that I'd like to trade for 8lbs of H4985 ONLY. No other trades or straight sale of the H4350 will be considered. Houston, TX area only. Thanks.
  2. Billiam1211

    SOLD WTS / WTT - 16 LBS of H335

    I'm in northern IL, looking to sell or trade H335 for something I can use to shoot heavier bullets in my AR. I have 2 jugs that I'm not using. Please feel free to reach out for more info.
  3. bfoosh006

    8lb Varget and IMR 4895 in stock NOW!

    Varget... Wideners and...IMR 4895.... IMR 4895
  4. 2

    6.5x47L IMR 4895?

    All - I am having some trouble finding out if IMR 4895 is an acceptable powder for 6.5x47L. Anyone have some insight for me? Thanks, Josh
  5. C

    Speer 125 grain and IMR 4895 suggestions???

    I just picked up some speer 30 cal 125 GR hollow point "TNT" rounds for my .308 for some coyote and squirell hunting... I have some IMR 4895 right now,federal cases and federal primers any suggested powder weight for this round I couldn't find anything in my books... Thanks!!!
  6. junglejim23

    load data for M61 projo's with IMR 4895?

    any one have any load worked up for M61 projo's using IMR 4895 ?? I have weighed a few and they range from 150-153 grains. just wondering if any of you have had any good luck
  7. D

    4895 and 4064

    just got 12 lbs of each. Sportsmans Lodge in Jville NC has some of both left as of this afternoon
  8. bfoosh006

    IMR 4895 8lbers In Stock at ......

    Wideners $137.00 / 8 lb 12:12 PST, let the count down begin....
  9. C

    Sensitivity questions of IMR 4895

    I have a load for the 308 with IMR 4895.. it shoots light out, I mean lights out, with ES in the low low single digits. However, I am a RL and Hodgdon fan and have little experience with IMR stuff. I've heard it is very temp sensitive. Looking for feedback as my temp swings can be... 40* in a...
  10. Grump

    .308--IMR 4895 vs. IMR 4064?

    4895 is the "classic" powder, but there's apparently a small/large? minority getting great results with 4064. Other than 4064 has longer granules (=metering woes), what differences have y'all seen between the powders? Anyone have data points on velocity changes with temperature changes for...
  11. H

    Why IMR 4895 over IMR 4064 for 175 SMKs?

    I've seen a lot of talk lately about different powders being used in .308 and with Varget, I'm not feeling the love with 175 SMKs in my rig. There seems to be quite a bit of talk about IMR 4895 as opposed to 4064 and I was wondering why? I would like to use 4064 as I have it on hand but I am...