1. T

    Suppressors 1911A1 shoots down German F. Storch air to air

    Just finished an article in Flight magazine from 2008. An observer and pilot of an artillery L4 Piper Club spotter plane shoot down a light German F. Storch spotter airplane in April of 1945. Both pilot and observ. fired several mags.. Shootdown occured almost over the armor battalion they...
  2. T

    NEW TOPIC: Increased Air Pressure on the Front ..

    Long range guys, new discussion subject. Roughly stated, winds that run from your 6 o'clock to the 12 o'clock downrange. The terrain PAST maximum ordinate rises sharply with 45 degrees either side of the gun target line. Phone below is a good example. EVENT: Rounds string up and down the...
  3. USAF1A8

    Maggie’s Proof the Air Force is the Bravest

    3 Generals and an Admiral were sitting around a table on the coastline of a war-zone, bragging about the exploits of their troops in combat, each one stating that he indeed had the bravest troops. The Admiral starts, "my seals are the bravest and i can prove it", and he calls his toughest seal...
  4. sfikes2

    Movie Theater Very close air support

    MArines and Marine Close, VERY close air support,...ohh- fkkn Rah!
  5. Ghogs Nightmare

    Hunting & Fishing Air Rifle......Gamo?

    Anyone have a 'hunter", thought bout getting one to toy with. Any impressions etc? Dont really like the factory mount i've seen. Enlighten me boys.
  6. Smokin

    Anschutz Air Rifles?

    How practical is it to shoot this in an urban back yard? How noisy are they? Seems like a hell of a way to get some good practice in. How are they refilled?