1. Insayn

    Angle Shooting Question

    We are going through a refresher angle shooting course the next few days and pondered this question at breakfast. If one is in a high rise building, say 300 yards up and your hostage taker positioned themself directly below you at a 0 degree angle. Your rifle is zeroed at 100 yards and your 300...
  2. M

    Advanced Marksmanship Cosine Angle Chart?

    I'm trying to learn about angle shooting. Is there a cosine data chart that I can copy or print for my data book.
  3. S

    Angle Shoot Training this weekend

    We decided to go to a friend’s deer lease near the panhandle for some angle shoot training. We set up different positions each day with several UKD targets placed along the valley. We practiced milling the targets before hitting with the laser and adjusting for slope. We had a blast and...
  4. J

    Rifle Scopes Angle indicator: Which one?

    I am looking for a Slope Level Indicator. Which one would you advise? the Horus Vision Angle Slope Level Indicator - Or the Angle cosine indicator?
  5. syme71

    Rifle Scopes angle vs straight

    I'm about to buy my first spotting scope. Haven't really used one before. What would be better, an angled or straight eyepiece? I figured this would be the first and last spotting scope I'll nt ever buy so want to get it right. I was leaning towards an angled eyepiece as it seems more...
  6. stephenmaturin

    Rifle Scopes What Angle Cosine Indicator?

    I´d like your advice about an ACI, what an where could I find? Thank you. Javier.