1. T

    Accuracy International AWM Fan Made Parts Diagram

    So I’ve been working on a parts diagram for the AWM. Main purpose for this project was for maintenance and part identification in case something is misplaced and since there aren’t any detailed drawings out there I decided to take up the project. Some things I’m still looking for: would like...
  2. A

    Firearms [SOLD]: AI AWM .300WM — like new, single owner

    Greetings all. It's come time to sell the AI AWM I purchased new in 1998 (serial number is dated 1997). Rifle is chambered in .300 WM with 60 rounds through the barrel. Stock, action, and barrel condition are virtually new — even the sharpie check mark on the bolt is as I received it from the...
  3. cletuskasady

    Gunsmithing Bore Guide AI AWM

    guys, searched with no success. looking for a bore guide for my AI AWM 300 win mag. bought a couple from mike lucas in the past, but he doesn't respond to e-mails or answer his phone anymore. Any suggestions.
  4. 8

    Photos Coyote rig - AWM

    Here is my daytime Coyote getter in Bruni, TX. We hunt over the cab, trucks are part of the landscape down there, and critters are not threatened by them.
  5. Mag 300

    Gunsmithing Badger action same as AWM???????????

    I have heard that the badger action is the same as the AWM action Could this be true they look a lot alike?? Thanks Bill
  6. Mag 300

    Badger vs Surgeon vs AWM for a 338 lapua?????

    need some help was set on the surgeon action till KYshooter showed off the Badger actions please give me some thoughts? Bill
  7. Mag 300

    Best load for AWM 338 lap 1 in 10 twist

    are you shooting 250 or 300 gr in yours also coould you share the load with me . leaning to 300 gr Thanks in advance
  8. Mag 300

    best bullet / load for a AWM in 338 Lapua 10 twist

    appreciate any help in either 250 or 300's what fly's best the barrel is 27" double chamber brake AIAWM Thanks Bill