1. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD BAT Machine 50% off cert

    For sale a cert for 50% off a BAT action. I'm too broke to buy anything at the moment. Asking $400 or best offer. Cap is up to $900 off. Can ship Monday.
  2. F

    My BAT Fetish.... Pic Heavy

    Thought I'd share. g
  3. H

    Gunsmithing Oversized Actions for 338 Lapua?

    I'm looking at options for a 338 LM build. I would like to get the strongest action (not in terms of action flex but barrel shank thickness and length). Badger m2008/m2013 1 1/16" diameter, ?? long BAT HRPIC 1 1/8" diameter, ?? long Defiance Deviant LA 1 1/16" diameter, ?? long Rem 700...
  4. A

    Who's running a BAT???

    Who is using a BAT action on a tact build? Show me! I have just changed from a Stiller TAC300 to a BAT HR on a current build. Got to love them BAT's. Curious how many of you guys are using them. Beautiful actions... I think I need another! Cheers
  5. H

    7 BAT

    thinking of building a 7 BAT on a surgeon action, any thoughts or suggestions thanks in advance. hombre
  6. BAT_Boy

    New BAT Build

    Ever have a plan that looks great on paper but doesn't look so good in person? I had a hankering for a molded in Tiger Stripe patterned stock for my last BAT MB build. All my other rifles have A-5 Tactical stocks but I wanted one BR stock for development work. I selected a McMillan Tooley MBR...