1. M

    Firearms CZ Shadow 2

    Hey everyone, selling my CZ Shadow 2 (blue). The weapon comes with three mags, all the original paperwork, lock, hard case...etc. Weapon and mags are in great condition with no scuffs, dents, dings or damage. Bought the pistol on a whim and I just don’t think it’s going to work for what I’m...

    Accessories WTS - Lots of MOLLE Pouches - Medical / Mag / Admin

    Just cleaning out the closet. All of these pouches are in excellent, if not "like new" condition. Respond to this thread and PM me with the number you want. Prices are fair and firm. No trades. Payment by Venmo or paypal gift. Shipping is INCLUDED in the price listed. Thanks! 1. ***SOLD TO...
  3. M

    Gunsmithing Do you have to blue before paint?

    Is it necessary to blue a barrel before painting or is it O.K. to leave it in the white? The rifle is planned to be painted in a camo pattern, but does bluing offer any other protection under Krylon?
  4. BasraBoy

    Blue sky .243 rifle

    Bit of a slow day today so I'm thinking about a new project for next year - a .243WIN rifle for paper punching at 300,600,900 and 1000yds (107 Scenar, 105 SMK's or 115DTAC, yet to decide...). Got some outline ideas on spec but would welcome some input. Barrel: custom 1 in 8" twist, Bartlein...
  5. J

    Article in latest Blue Press ref. short barrels

    Anyone read the above article? I thought it to be quite interesting, especially given LL's video on shooting his 18" bbl out to 1K. I might have to try this out with a couple of rifles. There was another thought provoking article in the same issue about pistol reload procedures, but that...
  6. K

    blue dot 223 loads

    I've tried the search, and cannot find a posting from a good while back giving several bullets and blue dot loads with velocities, etc. Can you help?
  7. MachineGunTours

    Photos Best Match Pict ever 2009 Blue Ridge Mountain 3Gun

    I met these two operators at the match. They mentioned something about answering phones, vmail and transferring calls. We had a great time and we will back for more next year.
  8. FNuser

    Photos Walnut and Blue

    Barreled Action chambered in .30-06 by P.O. Ackley restocked by Greengo in curly bastogne.
  9. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing Removing Blue Loctite

    how? turn rifle upside and place a candle over the screws where they've been sealed shut? I put way too much and I can't even get my allen head screwdrivers inside the screws. How do you get rid of this shit? thanks
  10. J

    Federal Blue Box hunting ammo

    Are a lot better than that Privi Partisan stuff I recently tried. I shoot my first sub MOA group with my .308 sps-v the other day with federal hunting rounds (150g soft point) after wondering why I couldn't hit a 6" plate at 300 yards with the Privi Partisan 168 Match stuff. I can honestly say...
  11. S

    Gunsmithing To blue print or not to blue print a rem 700 actio

    I keep reading that blueprinting a rem 700 action is a waste of time. Whats the real scoop on this issue? Most smiths do not charge much to have this done so i will continue to have it done. Why are some saying that it doesnt help? In my mind anytime you can make something closer to perfection...
  12. RollingThunder51

    Photos Blue Line

    Rare Dragunov with interesting use of under hang burlap.
  13. N

    Gunsmithing Blue Wonder

    Anyone have experience with this product?? Rust from Hurricane Ike got to my collection before I could get to them and I hate to consider paying someone to hot blue all of em.