1. kingofthepoors

    HELP! Aero M5 not running

    This is my first 308 build and its been nothing but headaches. I have the JP gas block adjusted almost all the way out. I have about ten rounds through it and have only gotten it to eject twice. It has yet to pick up another round. Im thinking my spring is too strong or something is up with the...
  2. Captain Moroni

    Gunsmithing AR buffer weight???

    OK I need to slow down my bolt on my AR. I have a jard trigger and the disconector doesnt disconect when I have my suppressor on it the guy at jard said heavier buffer spring, heavier buffer and heavier disconect spring. My question is can I make my buffer to heavy? if I remove the rubber...
  3. jacq220

    Buffer tube questions

    I tried a search both on here and ar15.com and couldnt find the answer... so here goes i just picked up an ace skeleton stock with a rifle length buffer tube/buffer/spring for 40 bucks! the only problem is the rifle i have has a carbine length gas system.... will these work together? or do i...
  4. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Gunsmithing AR10 Buffer & Spring Mix Up

    After switching from an Armalite collapsible stock to a Magpul PRS, I realized that I had mixed up some of the parts with some AR15s. My original rifle length buffer & spring got cannibalized by some other build. Looking at all the buffers & springs before me, there is one rifle buffer that is...
  5. E

    Gunsmithing Which AR buffer and spring do I use?

    My set-up is a Magpull collapsable stock, and 16 inch LWRC upper. I have the short buffer and the standard buffer. I have the short recoil spring and the standard length recoil spring. Which combo do I use?
  6. 1

    Please help on IRA .308 buffer question?

    I'm putting together the IRA DPMS type lower with DPMS LPK and Magpul PRS stock with A2 rifle stock tube,buffer and spring. The problem is the bolt hold won't hold the bolt. I'd try on two DPMS upper and the problem still exist. I swapped the buffer from my AR-15 carbine length and the problem...
  7. T

    Fieldcraft shoe polish as a buffer?

    somewhere i read on here that people use neutral shoe polish on their rifle actions as a buffer whenever they bed them. alright... with that being said, could i use it as a buffer agent inside my action when i spray paint it? i really didn't like it when my bolt got all gummed up when i painted...