1. ammolytics

    Rifle Brass Sorting Experiment - Part One

    Hey everyone! I published the first part of an ongoing experiment which explores the relationship between the weight and volume of rifle brass. The results were pretty interesting, and I was surprised by a few of the findings...
  2. X

    Lapua capacity

    Anyone have the water capacity for lapua brand brass as compared to norma,hornandy, and jamison brass. Thanks.
  3. M

    Remington vs Lake City Brass Capacity

    How much less powder would one want to use in Lake City Brass if a posted load was calling for Remington Brass ?? The reason I ask is that Greg Langelius's 175gr load of 42.2 IMR 4064 in Remington Brass shoots real good in my M1A. However I only have 100 pieces of Remington Brass and plenty of...
  4. 7

    Water Capacity

    I was reading “Rifle Sporting Firearm Journal”, Nov 2008 publication and on page 16 they listed the following .308 Case Weight Chart: Case- Weight (grains)- Water capacity (grains) Federal - 177.80 - 53.4 Remington - 166.24- 54.0 Winchester- 157.05- 54.1 LC 84 - 180.20 - 54.8...
  5. Grump

    Water Capacity, various .308 cases

    I searched. Too many hits that don't have all three search terms. Anyway, my FA63 match holds 55-56 grains of H2O, depending on how high I run the meniscus. Or was that the difference between sized and fired? So many facts, so few remaining brain cells. IIRC, Lapua holds 56 or whatever. Just...
  6. B

    308 W case capacity

    Which maker has the largest case volume? Thanks!
  7. J

    308 case capacity with IMR4064

    I started reloading some 308 today and found with 41.2-41.4 grains of 4064, the case is almost full. I am using lapua brass but tried the same with a federal case and got the same results. Is this just the nature of the 4064 powder and how it is extruded size wise or something else I am...
  8. duke308

    Range Report Cartridge capacity?

    Is there a scientific reason there are no popular cases with a capacity of around 60 grains of water? The .223 is 31.4 gr, .22-250 is 44.6 gr.308 is 53.5 gr, .30-06 is 68.0 gr, and .300 WM is 90.4 gr according to one chart I am looking at. Why no case with 60 grains it should be flatter and...
  9. Grump

    Measuring Case Capacity

    I've been fiddling around with comparing brass types and found that my guesstimate of H2O capacity by filling the case and dumping the water into the scale's pan is just not even close enough. Weighing the .308 case empty, then again when filled with water, yielded 2.5 more grains of water...
  10. Outlaw45

    Mag capacity of Predator action

    How many 7mm WSM rounds can you stuff in the magazine of a Stiller Predator short action? Standard magazine, BDL style, in a McMillian A3.
  11. R

    M24 magazine capacity question

    I hope this wasn't covered anywhere, and I tried searching, but anyways what is it that gives the normal m24 its internal magazine capacity of 5 rounds instead of the normal four. Is it the stock, or is it something about the magazine spring/follower? I was just wondering if its possible to...
  12. turtlesniper

    reduced capacity 308

    anyone ever used these for doing subsonic rounds i was thinking about picking up 10 if it will help with consistincy