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  1. B

    Firearms Christensen Arms MPR 20" carbon 308 - rifle or chassis

    I have a new in the box unfired CA Modern Precision Rifle with a 20" carbon fiber barrel chambered in 308 Win. that I would like to sell or sell just the chassis. $2000 obo shipped to your ffl for the complete rifle $800 obo shipped to your door for the chassis only I really like the MPR...
  2. Daniel Pierce

    Firearms Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC PACKAGE

    Asking $4000 shipped for the package. Price is OBO and I'm not really looking for trades. Text only at 5417307557 please! RIFLE: Ridgeline 6.5 PRC ROUND COUNT: 30 exactly BARREL: 24" 1:8 RH Twist Stainless/Carbon Fiber ACTION: R700 Style and accepts all R700 LA Bases STOCK: Bedded and free...
  3. gcmiller04

    Factory hunting rifle recommendations

    Hate to flood the forums with another “help me decide.” But don’t wanna miss out on good advice. Been skimming through discussions on some rifles and leaning towards a couple but open to any suggestions. Looking for a lightweight (carbon fiber is the hype) reliable rifle that is going to be...
  4. Aaron Duke

    CA MPR vs Custom Build

    I am going to be getting a 338 lapua (yes, I'm sure), in some way shape or form, in the upcoming months. I've had the Ruger Precision 338 and didn't care for the finish on most of it, nor did I care for the near 20 lbs it weighs with a scope, mounts, and bipod. So, looking for opinions on which...
  5. C

    Which rifle / Is Christensen any good?

    Looking to buy a hunting rifle for elk and bear. Going with the 7mm caliber. Looking to stay around $1000 for the rifle. There's a Christensen Arms Mesa and a Savage 110 that I've been looking at and was wondering if CA is worth the extra money. Open to other suggestions on rifles in that budget...
  6. reewik


    I bought this stock on here about a month ago. This will fit a Rem 700 action. I am really not loving it so I am placing it up for sale. I am including a Rem SA bottom metal with the internal parts and action screws to make it work. I did a sloppy job of fitting it to what I have so I am...
  7. J

    Christensen Arms CA-15 gen2

    Does anyone on here have a CA-15 g2 as a general purpose (SHTF) rifle? Looking into getting one with a Nightforce ATACR 1-8. Wondering if they’re reputation is holding up in the AR world. Also anyone that has used the carbon fiber barrel wrapped is there any difference in performance?
  8. M

    Christensen Arms Warranty

    First time post here. New to precision bolt rifles, and looking forward to gathering wisdom from all of you. I have recently purchased a 26" Christensen Arms MPR, in 6.5 CM. I have a few hundred rounds through it so far, and am enjoying it very much. Without a ton of effort, I have been able...
  9. S

    Firearms (PRICE DROP)Christensen Arms Ridgeline 300WSM

    I am trying to help a friend sell his rifle, it's a Christensens Arms 300wsm, would like to sell as a package with a nightforce shv 5-20 along with nf rings. Also includes a spartan javelin bipod. Quickest way to get in touch would be to text or call me at 808 217-0972. May sell rifle or scope...
  10. PrismSync

    [Updated] Christensen MPR weird performance on Cheap & Expensive Rounds, and zeroing question

    Hi Folks, It's been a while since I lastly posted about my MPR, worrying that it might not be worth the price, etc. Thanks to everyone who offered advice there! Now I finally get to shoot the rifle, so here are some updates. There is a somewhat bizarre pattern: cheap ammo "outperformed"...
  11. PrismSync

    Christensen Arms MPR - Is it a bad choice for the first Bolt Action Rifle?

    Hi Hiders, this is my first forum post regarding the first rifle I'm getting, a Christensen Arms MPR. It's got a 22'' 1:8 steel barrel, chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. I'd readily admit I have not conducted enough research before buying it, but now it has arrived at the dealer and I'm undergoing a...
  12. Curahee19

    Firearms WTS Christensen Arms CA-10

    Selling my Christensen arms ca-10. Got this a while back and has less than 100 rounds through it. chambered in 308 has a carbon fiber wrapped barrel and a carbon fiber hand guard. One of if not the most accurate 308 gas gun I’ve shot. Doesn’t come with the acog or Ckye pod 2500 shipped to your ffl
  13. S

    Accessories Christensen Arms MPR long action chassis See gun broker link for pricing, but may be willing to bypass gun broker This is a Christensen Arms MPR folding Chassis that came off of a long action 300prc (only 18 rounds fired), THIS WILL FIT LONG ACTION REMINGTON 700s Like new no defects or...
  14. A

    Firearms WTS Christensen Arms 221 fireball package

    For sale; Christensen Arms 221 fireball bolt action rifle. ($1500)only 200 rounds down the barrel. This is their "Ridgeline" rifle with a Remington 700 action. Christensen Arms made this custom so it's one of a kind. Timney Elite trigger, 22" barrel and gun weighs 7.6 pounds with scope. Carbon...
  15. D

    Bergara build question

    I was curious if anybody out there has done this or thought of doing this. I really like the Christensen arms mpr for its chassis (lightweight and folding stock) but to save cost and arguably a better rifle, though about dropping a bergara into a Mpr chassis for rem 700 and clones. Only...
  16. 300prc_sniper

    Christensen arms Mesa vs savage 110 precision

    Alright guys this is my first post I am looking to be able to do a combination of hunting and prs shooting I have knowledge of guns but I am looking for a very precise very smooth gun (keeping in mind my total budget is 2500 or less) I’m interested in both of the guns above because the savage...
  17. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD Christensen Arms ELR - 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle - For Sale

    Used Christensen Arms ELR Rifle for sale. The rifle has approximiately 1000 rounds through the barrel. Below are the details of the rifle. Christensen Arms Aerograde Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel - 26" length, 1-8 Twist, 6.5 Creedmoor TriggerTech Primary Trigger Full Integral Picatinny Rail -...
  18. B

    Christensen Arms MPR .300 inaccuracies. Rude customer service and lousy manufacturing.

    I want to start off by saying I am no rookie when it comes to long guns. I'm no competitive shooter, but I know more than a thing or two about guns. My family has had an FFL for years. I have way more precision rifles in 6.5, .308, .300, .22-250 than is reasonable. I routinely shoot "long...
  19. W

    Lightweight hunting rifle, proof elevation, Christensen ridgeline, nosler mountain carbon

    I’m looking for a lightweight hunting rifle for hunting in Africa and elsewhere. I’m planning of 300 win mag or similar caliber. Does anyone have any experience with the proof elevation, Christensen ridgeline, pr nosler mountain carbon?