1. P

    chrony alpha master chronograph

    IF any one has used this chrony i have a question: if you have used any battery besides an alkaline, how did the chrony act with the non-aklaline or battery not marked alkaline. Thanks
  2. T

    Chrony Tripods?

    Will a regular camera tripod work with most chrony's??
  3. C

    Competition Electronics chrony - any good?

    ProChrono Digital. I like that nothing folds/unfolds - i.e. the sensors are fixed in one unit. any experience with them ??
  4. T

    CED M2 Chrony??

    One was just delivered to my door. Looks like a piece of cheap crap. Are they any good??
  5. S

    rimfire chrony results

    Anyone chronny their rimfire rifle or pistol ammo? Maybe we can start a listing for those without chronny's. reports should probably contain the following: caliber(.22Short, .22Long, .22Long rifle, .22WMR .17HMR, .17Mach2) ammo manufacturer ammo brand/model/type rifle/pistol make, model...
  6. Wheres-Waldo

    How to make a "Master" Shooting Chrony wireless?

    Would there be any way to make one of the "Master" model Shooting Chronies with the remote thats connected via a phone cord/ CAT-5 cable wireless? Could the units be fitted with a transmitter and reciever?
  7. flopduster

    How hot is this load? *UPDATED WITH CHRONY DATA!!*

    I am currently running 47.0 gr of re-15 in lapua brass(sized with a collet die) 155 vld bergers load 2.890 coal with br2 primers. I get a little ejector wipe every 6-7 rounds around 85 degrees. It gets hot here in the summer so I don't know if that will cause more serious problems or not. I...
  8. dustinlotz

    .308 SPS Tactical on the Chrony

    I ran into my buddy yesterday at the range, and he had his chrony there. I thought I would share the data I collected. This is with my SPS Tactical (20" barrel, 1/12 twist). Temp was 85 degrees, at sea level with about 75% humidity. 168gr. Hornady A-Max 44gr IMR 4895 2.820" OAL MAX: 2634...