1. lowlight

    Maggie’s Chuck Norris has Competition Shit rocks, old school-ish
  2. Da-Law-Dawg

    Hunting & Fishing Second confirmed 'chuck with the new rig

    Been a good day, got another 'chuck with the new rig! Been making life hard on 'em and the landowner is tickled pink (cattle farmer).
  3. J

    Hunting & Fishing Mr rock chuck meets Mr 750 A-Max

    300 yard shot with the Barrett 82A1 with a 750 A-Max BOOM HeadShot! OOPS broke the rock with that one! Hmmm the carnage
  4. knockemdown

    Hunting & Fishing Chuck whackin'....

    Got out to the farm for some shooting this weekend. Was trying out the new WoTAC on the 6x45 and decided to go afield in search of the ever elusive whistlepig... Found a prime candidate posing pretty and inserted a 70gr Blitzking into his ear @ 179yds. Spun him around and 'popped' pretty...
  5. 300sniper

    Gunsmithing lathe spider chuck

    i can't remember what forum i saw one of these on, maybe benchrest central. i have been wanting to make one for a while now but it has been on the back burner. now i need to work on a 20" barrel and it is too short to do through the spindle with my 4 jaw chuck. i ordered an 8" d1-4 backing...
  6. mp45acp

    Maggie’s Chuck Norris Jokes

    OK, thought this might be a fun one to start, forgive me if its been done before. Ill start things off: Chuck Norris was suppose to have a twin brother but he did not survive chucks nine months practice of floating rondhouse kicks. There is no such thing as a lesbian, just a woman who never...
  7. M

    Gunsmithing changeing a chuck

    hey guys i have a grizzly lathe it has a three jaw chuck on it and ive used it to trun barrel but ive learned the error or my ways and have a 4 jaw chuck now but i just can't get the three jaw off. im not a gunsmith by any...
  8. SuperSeal110

    Hunting & Fishing 1st chuck of the season.

    First chuck of '09. Got him out on the g/f's parents farm. The shot was close, 40-45yds. The chucks do love broken cement slabs. .17rem did it's job with the cheap MidwayUSA Dogtown .20g bullets. No exit, though it did rip a little of the chucks skin by the elbow. Turned the chuck into a jug...
  9. V

    Hunting & Fishing First Chuck of the Season

    Went out calling today, my dad has been having a slump, hasn't called anything for a month. We went out to our hot spot and didn't call a single dog BUT, when dad went back to get the truck on one stand I plopped down to look around at the rim with the binos. The first thing I saw when I...