1. 308sako

    Reloading, the complete cycle... comments welcome

    Or should I say constructive comments welcome... never the less; This is my proceedure for loading the best possible quality/accuracy oriented ammunition I can produce. It starts from the moment I remove the fired casing from the chamber an inspect the brass as well as wipe off whatever carbon...
  2. RobG

    First groups with new rifle, comments welcome

    These are groups from today with my new 7mm w/ Krieger barrel set up by RW Snyder. It seemed tightest with 65.5 of R22 but, all seemed pretty good for the first time out. Pulled one in the second group. Definitely did not like 71.5 of Retumbo. All groups 5 rounds at 100 yds. Any advice on where...
  3. Down Under Hunter

    Mcree Precision Stocks- Pics or comments anyone ?

    Can anyone tell me about the newer model tactical stocks from Mcree ? I have read the thread on here, but I believe I saw Scott talking about some new improvements in that field / I have tried but have not got Scott on the ph yet. Any clues DUH
  4. P

    Advanced Marksmanship What I'm going to try this summer. Comments?

    I don't see much use in shooting groups,I am not a BR shooter. I am a hunter and "shoot for fun/challenge" kind of guy. I like Lowlight's dot target, it seems to be a better measure of shooting skill than groups. What I want to try this shooting season is sort of a combination of the dot...
  5. G

    HS Precision.....thoughts comments

    I'm considering sprucing up my Rem LTR .223 and I am having trouble deciding whether or not to keep the original HS Precision stock and add the HS detachable mag or swap over to McMillan.
  6. E

    Rem 700 5R 300 win mag comments?

    Just saw one on guns america for sale and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with one or just have any comments about them. Thanks Eric
  7. 8

    Hunting & Fishing AR10 Sendero Hunting Rifle - Comments

    The original build was by GAP, Rock barrel and BO forearm. I bought it from a member here. The rifle shot so well that I decided to save the upper (for what I don't know) and build another upper just to hunt with in South TX. This is my primary rig for Whitetails and Coyote pushing the 155...