1. T

    338 Lapua Reloading Components

    Shooters, this is a non-aligned professional bump for CheyTac's new 338 Lapua brass, made by Jamison International. I've tested this brass and saw some of the high pressure testing done on these cases. They are superior to anything out there. Including Lapua's brass. Jamison has a solid handle...
  2. amc

    Reloading components!

    Just wanted to let all of you guys know that Hollands Shooter Supply has Winchester and Lapua 223 308 22-250 243 brass in stock, along with several different powders ready to ship. Yes they are Haz Mat shipper. Just got off the phone placing my order. They also stock Sierra, Nosler, and some...
  3. E

    h1000 components

    Hi. <span style="font-weight: bold">Does anybody know if Hodgon H1000 has nitroglycerin or equivalent as component?</span> I am looking for a better powder for 338LM. I burned my first barrel(standar Sako TRG:42) by using Vihtavuori n570. It took only 2000 shots to burn the barrel to condition...
  4. P

    Lapua components in stock

    Just a heads up in case you guys don't check the Commercial Sales section, Darin/dfar with CFT has some Lapua components in stock that are left over from his last shipment at quite amazing prices: <div...
  5. D

    308 components

    I was wondering what you guys are using, ie Powder, Primers, Bullets? Also can you guys give me the actual powder, primer size or id name. Thanks in advance
  6. M

    Components ordering....sites with a wait-list?

    I need to order some comps...mostly powder (H4350, Varget and some boolets). I don't even bother looking anymore just because everyone is out of stock, especially of the 8lb'ers. We all know this situation isn't changing anytime soon....but I don't mind standing in line for a little bit. Is...
  7. H

    Suggestions for 300 mag components.

    I picked up a new 300 Win Mag yesterday and need to start loading for it. All I am set up for is 308/45ACP. I am a Lapua brass lover but it seems there is none for 300WM. I am looking for suggestions on what components I should start looking for. What is the most durable and consistent brass for...