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  1. Jimmy2Times

    Load development: The good, the bad & the ugly.

    Ok so I just got done putting this rifle together and started doing a bit of load development. Ultimately, I will develop a 175 gr. load but at this time, in my area, all I can get my hands on are 168 SMK HPBTs. I also had to use Remington 9 1/2 primers as I am out of BR2s. Anyway, here are the...
  2. Twisted

    My day of load development....

    Looks like 44.8gr of Varget will be the happy place for my rifle. Max load according to Hogdon is 45gr so didn't want to go too far past that to test but even at 45.2 I showed no pressure signs at all.
  3. diggler1833

    Range Report Barrel break In/load development .223 SPS Tac

    I'm pretty pleased to say the least with my SPS Tactical. I picked up some 68gr Hornady BTHP and just threw them in some unprepped (other than sized and chamfered/deburred) once fired Winchester brass that I picked up from the range where I work at. Haven't done any attempts at changing...
  4. CaliShooter

    load development

    When chronographing for .308 ncrements are your powdercharges from one group to the next. 1/2 grain? 2/10ths of grain?
  5. B

    Rifle Scopes NF Benchrest 12-42x56mm for Load Development & BR

    Hey Guys! I was thinking of getting a 'really' high-powered scope (35+) for doing load development and possibly some benchrest competition in the future (still need a BR rifle), and was looking at the NighForce 12-42x56mm Benchrest model. It looks like a nice range of magnification and while I...
  6. R

    Range Report 7wsm load development

    I made it out to test some loads with the new 7wsm Surgeon built by GAP. This is going to be one sick stick once load development is done. When I first got the gun from George I tried some of the Corbon loaded 7wsm stuff and some hand rolled stuff with 64 grains of 4831sc with 215M and...
  7. T

    Load development for "Big Bore" catridges

    When I do my load development for cartidges such as .243, .308, .223 I develop loads using the "ladder" method and usually will vary my charge weights by .3gr increments. When working loads for large bores (i.e. .338 Lapua), it seems as though .3 increments would be to small due to the overall...
  8. Tommyquest

    Q about load development

    How many rounds do you guys usually test before making a change?
  9. T

    Load Development for a Tikka T3 Varmint

    Hi, As the title says I want to do some load development for my new Tikka T3 Varmint. The rifle will be strictly a target tool and the range will not exceed 500 yards. The classic components for a .308 target rifle are Lapua cases, CCI BR2 primers and Varget powder. I have plenty of each on...
  10. Luke

    Range Report Subsonic load development

    Went to the range today to try out some subsonic loads. I loaded 10 of each different powder weight to find the best shooting one. I was using Sierra .30cal 220gr. RN bullets, new Winchester brass, Federal 210M primers, and TrailBoss powder, using my Savage 10FLP .308 w/ 24" barrel. I loaded...
  11. A

    Range Report Load development for 6.5x47

    This is going to be an ongoing thread which I will be updating with the progress. The rifle has a Rock barrel M24 contour, 8 twist, 5R. The action is a Surgeon in an AICS 2.0 stock. Trigger is a Rifle Basix and the scope is a NightForce. GAP did all the metal work and also installed a Badger...