1. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Dillon Reloading Parts + DAA Mr Bullet Feeder 6.5 conversion

    Hello, I have for sale a couple Dillon Parts: Dillon .22-250 RL1100/1050 conversion kit $130 Double A Alpha Mr. Bulletfeeder 6.5 conversion kit sold FW Arms Upgraded RL1100/1050 shell plate brand new - sold Dillon Small Rifle Case Plate -sold I accept PayPal Friends and Family and Postal...
  2. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Dillon Parts, .223 Dies, MDT mags

    Up for sale: 1. New Dillon Small Rifle Case feeder plate - $40 2. New Dillon 1050/rl1100 Conversion kit .22-250 -$160 3. New MDT Poly/Metal Magazine - Short Action 10rnd 308 - $old each (want to sell together) 4. New Redding Deluxe Die Set - .223 Remington $old 5. New Hornady Custom Grade Dies...
  3. Huskydriver


    2 brand new Dillon powder check alarms 100 bucks plus shipping insured because usps is so jacked up right now. Would like to sell together. 2 used hopper low powder alarms. I mangled the threads a bit on on the bottom of one but it threads on and works fine still. 70 bucks plus shipping would...
  4. Herb Stoner

    Bulk Swaging

    I have accumulated a bunch of .223 brass I want to load for my SIL - mostly practice / plinking rather than precision loading. Its mixed brass and has a good bit of crimped brass in there. I've never dealt with crimped brass previously and want to see what the best option would be. I recently...
  5. D

    SOLD 308, .45 ACP, and 44 mag dies plus Dillon 550 stuff

    Dillon 308 dies, barely used. Size, seat, and crimp. Can include a Dillon powder chute die if it'll do you good $100 Lee .45 ACP die set, also have a 550 conversion kit too $50 Lee 44 mag set with a Redding taper crimp die, also have a 550 conversion kit $50 Several Dillon powder dies $10 ea 2x...
  6. C

    Bobcat Armament

    I often see people asking about Dillon reloading equipment. If you need a dealer to work with, give https://www.bobcatarmament.com/ a look. Kimball allowed me to trade an older, but well loved S1050 on some new equipment that better suited my current needs. The communication and customer...
  7. Inkoosikas

    Good scale around $150

    Hello, I am looking for advice on a decent reliable powder scale. I currently have a Frankford Arsenal scale that I am really not happy with. It seems to be fairly consistent on its weight, however my biggest complaint is that it jumps when trickling powder. So for example I've been using 41.8gr...
  8. M

    Load Variation in a Dillon

    I've discussed the variation of loads in a Dillon with a couple friends lately. That got me to wondering about testing just how much mine vary. Then in perfect timing, one of the articles in Dillon Precision's latest catalog was explaining a test they performed on comparing powder charge...
  9. M

    More Dillon 550 Primer Issues

    Looking for some help... Typical Dillon 550 primer feeding problems. I've looked through some other solutions on the interwebs, but I'm not sure they'll fix what I'm looking at. I've seen the bearing alignment add-ons, and my concern is that they're still going into the same screws that aren't...
  10. milanuk

    550 primer alignment issues

    So... recently been working with virgin Lapua .308 Palma (SRP) brass and Fed 205M primers on the old Dillon RL550B. Hadn't been having a problem before with my ~8x fired brass, but I needed to switch over to new brass, so... Started experiencing the occasional 'full stop' when I went to push...
  11. Kamerad

    SOLD- NIB Dillon 3 Die Sets 308 Win & 45 ACP

    I have a couple Dillon die sets for sale. Original blue plastic cases, unused, never installed. 1. 308 Win 3 Die Stock # 15574 Currently listed on Dillon website for $81. $55 to your door in CONUS. 2. 45 ACP/GAP 3 Die Stock #14404 Currently listed on Dillon website for $72. $45 to your door in...
  12. dcbiii

    Inline Fabrications Ultramount Press Riser Review

    Hey guys, Long time lurker here, not sure if I've ever posted, but I am on the site all the time. I greatly appreciate it when I read about a product that I would otherwise have no idea about, and especially so when it's supplemented with good pictures and details. Some background: I am an...
  13. P

    Dillon 550B Deal?

    I have a chance to buy a Dillon 550 progressive relaoder complete with with .45 cal and 357 Mag. dies for $350.00 that was used only a couple of times. I don't know a lot about progressive reloaders and have been shooting .45ACP and .357 Mag a lot more and it's getting expensive. Is this a good...
  14. G

    dillon case gauge

    I just got a dillion case gauge and started to measure some of the cases i had already sized. they seem to be just over the maximum. My question is how much is too much? I think i might have sized them just a hair too much. Do I use the gauge religiously meaning. toss it if its no go...
  15. J

    Who's using a T-7 on a Dillon Strong Mount?

    I know I've seen a few pictures here where guys have the Redding T-7 mounted on a Strong Mount. I hear no new holes need to be drilled, so I need to know if I need the taller 550 SM or if the 650 SM will work. Please help....a post a picture for me too. Thanks, Jason
  16. WolverineAtWork

    Giraud vs Dillon trimmer

    If you had your choice and money wasn't an issue, which would you buy?
  17. T

    Dillon CV 2001 Vs, Thumbler UV 18 Vibrating tumber

    OK the Thumler UV18 has a 1/30 hp motor. Does the Dillon have a hp rating?? I cant find it. Only down side I have heard about the Dillon is it runs hot. I havent heard anything bad about the Thumlers. So which would you buy?? What are the good or the bad of both models. I get on or the other...
  18. Mag 300

    Whidden toolheads / powder with a Dillon?? anyone

    Here is a Link that Jason came up with for the 550 and the 650 machines that bypassed the powdeer issue and allows you to drop your own charge at that station while still taking advantade of the multiple operations of the press. Any one had any experiance? Link...
  19. GUNNER75

    Step up to a Dillon 650XL?

    Ok, Have been thinking about looking into a Dillon Loader for some time now. Any input you guys can provide would be great. I have been loading a lot of different rounds on an old RCBS RC. I am getting more and more pinched on time to dedicate to reloading. I was told that a 650XL and...
  20. Jumper

    Best source for a Dillon XL650?

    I need a better progressive press for 10mm, 40S&W, 357SIG and 9mm. I've settled on the Dillon XL650 with a nod to the Hornady LnL AP. Can anyone recommend a good online source for the Dillon? Also what accessories do I need and what can I do without? Thanks.