drag bag

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    Looking for drag bag to fit in Pelican 1750

    Hello fellow Sniper's Hide shooters, I'm looking for a drag bag that will fit snug inside a Pelican 1750 hard case. Preferably 50 inches in legnth Since I will be removing the foam inserts, I would like the bad to have good padding/protection. I've gotten tired of buying and cutting new foam...
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    Drag Bag comments

    Hi newbie here after looking at made in China and over priced Drag Bags I have decided to make my own.I served in the us army in germany in the 80's in the first LRS unit since the Vietnam war.Not bragging but did a lot of crawling dragging and shooting.Unfortunately we didnt get to actually...
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    Where to find Eagle drag bag

    I am looking for an Eagle drag bag in multicam. I cannot find them anywhere in stock.
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    Homemade drag bag ideas?

    I'm thinking about making my own drag bag. My rifle dimensions are 43" x 10". I was wondering what kind of fabric to use, what kind of pouches and pockets, water bladder, ect. any ideas would help thanks!